WWE Monday Night Raw: August 8 Edition

Nate Scaccia@@TheNateScacciaAnalyst IIIAugust 8, 2011

WWE Monday Night Raw: August 8 Edition

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    Welcome to another edition of My Monday Night Raw!

    Before I begin, let's take a look at last week's show.

    Triple H and Vince McMahon continued their feud over CM Punk and John Cena. Vince set up a match with Triple H against the Empire Alliance.

    Skip Sheffield, John Morrison and Kofi Kingston have advanced into the final round of the U.S. Championship tournament. They will face off in a triple threat match tonight to determine the No. 1 contender.

    Triple H took on the Empire and was doing well until they decided to just beat on him instead of actually playing by the rules. CM Punk came out and announced that he has re-signed with the WWE. Punk then made his way to the ring where he and Triple H took out the Empire.

    Punk chased Cena and Vince off and he let everybody know that he is back.

Opening Segment

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    CM Punk's music hits and the fans go crazy. He has a mic in his hand and makes for the ring.

    "Like I said last week, I am back in the WWE. But let me make one thing very clear to all of you: I do not like Triple H. The man has stepped on so many toes and ruined the careers of many future stars just for his own personal gain. The man married Vince McMahon's daughter just so he could get even more power in this business. The only reason that we are 'working' together is because there is only one man who is worse than Triple H. That man...is Vince McMahon."

    "Vince ruins the careers of stars, he has relations with the divas, he wouldn't know talent if it bit him in his ass. Hell, he has a "Kiss my Ass Club," of which the fearless Empire Alliance leader William Regal is a member. Vince isn't in this for the fans or the experience—Vince is only in this for the money."

    McMahon's music hits and the boss comes out with an angry look on his face.

    "CM Punk, why couldn't you just stay away from here? Why did you have to return and ruin my company? I am the head man in the WWE for a reason. How you managed to get a contract signed without my knowing is a mystery but don't worry, you won't be here for long."

    "No Vince I think I will be here for quite some time. Vince if you are a real man you would give me a WWE title match at SummerSlam."

    "Well Punk, that's not going to happen. But I will give you a match tonight. Punk you are going to go one on one with this man..."

    Drew McIntyre's music hits and he comes out with a grin and his briefcase.

    "Punk if you lose, you're fired!"

    "Oh Vince I'm shaking in my boots. Not Drew McIntyre please no. Vince, McIntyre couldn't fight his way out of a paper bag. McIntyre can't even win over a girl. Hell, he couldn't steal Kelly away from Trent Baretta. What do I get if I win Vince?"

    "You get to keep your job for another week."

    Vince leaves and McIntyre stares at Punk as we head to commercial.

Match 1: Jack Swagger vs. Santino Marella

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    Swagger is out first to some heat.

    Santino is out next to a good reaction.

    Santino starts off the match by calling Swagger names but Swagger simply smiles and hits him with a right hand. Swagger throws him into the corner and starts driving his shoulder into him. The referee makes Swagger back out and when he does, Santino kicks him in the gut and hits a bulldog. Santino throws him off the ropes and hits a hip toss.

    Santino gets the Cobra ready but Swagger dodges it and hits Santino with a suplex. Swagger locks in the ankle lock and Santino taps out. Swagger grabs a mic and says that he deserves more respect than what he is getting. "Nobody backstage can defeat the All-American American."

    Goldust's music hits and he makes his return to the ring. Goldust goes to the ring and Swagger looks confused. Swagger goes after Goldust but he moves out of the way and breathes on Swagger. Swagger is freaked out but he tries to fight Goldust. Goldust grabs Swagger and throws him to the mat. He then throws his wig at Swagger and hits a DDT.

    Goldust pulls Swagger to the corner and sets up for the Shattered Dreams but Swagger rolls out of the ring and runs up the ramp. Goldust makes a kiss face at him and Swagger runs off.

Match 2: Alberto Del Rio vs. Alex Riley

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    Del Rio is out first to nice heat.

    Riley is out next to a nice reaction.

    Del Rio and Riley lock up and Del Rio throws Riley to the ground. Del Rio taunts him but Riley gets up and smacks Del Rio in the face. Riley hits a clothesline and then another. Riley goes for the pin but Del Rio kicks out at one.

    Riley throws Del Rio into the corner and goes for a running clothesline but Del Rio moves out of the way and hits Riley with a big boot. Del Rio goes to the top rope and hits an elbow drop and pin combo. Riley kicks out at two.

    Del Rio stomps on Riley's arm and locks in an armbar. Riley reaches the ropes and Del Rio releases his grip. Del Rio grabs Riley and goes for his finisher but Riley counters and hits a backbreaker. Riley then hits a Spinebuster and hits Del Rio with a flurry of rights and lefts. Riley gets up and goes for his finisher but Del Rio counters and locks in his finishing armbreaker hold.

    Alex Riley taps out and Del Rio wins. He gets great heat and calls Riley a "little chihuahua" before leaving the ring."

Match 3: Triple Threat Match for the No. 1 Contendership of U.S. Title

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    Kofi Kingston is out first to a nice reaction.

    Skip Sheffield is out next and William Regal is with him.

    John Morrison is out next to a nice reaction and we are set to begin.

    Dolph Ziggler comes out before the match starts and pulls up a chair at ringside.

    The bell rings and Kofi and Morrison team up to take on Sheffield. They beat Skip but he throws Morrison off and clotheslines Kofi. Morrison goes for a kick but Sheffield ducks and hits Morrison with a suplex. Sheffield lets out a scream and we head to commercial.

    Back from the break, Sheffield goes for a clothesline but Kofi dodges it and hits a crossbody on him. He goes for the pin but Morrison breaks it up. Kingston and Morrison trade blows with Morrison coming out on top. Morrison throws Kingston off the ropes and goes for a roundhouse kick but Kingston stops at the ropes and Morrison hits the ground. Kingston then hits a Boom Drop on him.

    Kingston sizes him up for a Trouble in Paradise but Skip grabs him and throws him over the top rope to the floor below. Sheffield goes for a clothesline on Morrison but he dodges it and hits a flying crossbody on Kingston who is on the outside. Morrison slips back into the ring and kicks Sheffield in the legs and then hits a DDT. Morrison goes for the pin but Sheffield kicks out.

    Kingston gets to his feet but Regal hits him with his brass knuckles and he hits the floor. The referee doesn't notice the incident. Morrison goes for a Starship Pain but Sheffield rolls out of the way. Sheffield gets up and goes for his big clothesline but Morrison moves out of the way and goes for a super kick. Sheffield ducks under that and runs off the ropes. Morrison rebounds but gets hit with a huge spear.

    Sheffield pins Morrison and wins the match. Sheffield is the No. 1 contender for Dolph Ziggler's U.S. Title.

    Sheffield taunts Ziggler who looks concerned and worried.

Match 4: Maryse vs. Eve

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    Maryse is out first and gets loud cheers from the male fans.

    Eve is out next and gets a good reaction.

    The two Divas lock up and Eve throws Maryse into the corner. Eve clotheslines her and Maryse rolls to the outside. Maryse tries to leave but Eve tackles her and hits her with some right hands. Maryse pokes Eve in the eye and slaps her in the face before throwing her back in the ring.

    Maryse kicks Eve and taunts her. Maryse goes for her finisher but Eve counters and hits a bulldog. Eve goes for her finisher but the Bella Twins come out and start beating her up. Maryse and the Bellas beat on Eve until Kelly Kelly and Beth Phoenix come down to help out.

    The Raw GM chimes in and says that since SummerSlam is this Sunday, the Divas need to be on the card. What is Summer without Divas? At SummerSlam, Beth Phoenix will defend her Divas Championship against Kelly Kelly, Eve, Maryse and Nikki and Brie Bella. It will be a six-Diva battle royal.

Main Event: Drew McIntyre vs. CM Punk

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    Drew McIntyre comes out first to great heat.

    Punk is out next to a great reaction.

    McIntyre calls Punk a "quitter and a coward" and Punk calls McIntyre a "kiss-ass" and the match begins.

    Punk hits McIntyre with a flurry of kicks and then a clothesline which knocks McIntyre to the outside. McIntyre kicks the steel steps and then charges back into the ring. He hits Punk with a clothesline and then stomps on his legs and arms. McIntyre removes the turnbuckle covering and exposes the steel. McIntyre goes to throw Punk into it but Punk counters and throws McIntyre into it.

    Punk hits his signature "knee to the face and bulldog" combo move. Punk goes for the pin but McIntyre kicks out at two. Punk kicks McIntyre in the midsection and goes to the top rope. Punk goes for a flying clothesline but McIntyre moves out of the way and hits Punk with a big boot. McIntyre goes for the pin but Punk kicks out at two.

    McIntyre rolls Punk over to the ring post and locks in his signature figure four leg lock on the ring post. McIntyre breaks it at the four count and gets back into the ring. McIntyre waits for Punk to get to his feet and goes for the Future Shock. Punk slips out and connects with a big roundhouse kick to McIntyre's head. Punk goes for the pin but McIntyre kicks out at two-and-a-half.

    Punk grabs McIntyre and goes for the GTS but his leg gives out and McIntyre goes for the Future Shock. Again, Punk avoids it and locks in the Anaconda Vice. McIntyre is in the middle of the ring and is forced to tap out.

    CM Punk wins and the fans go crazy.


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    Punk celebrates until Vince McMahon comes out with John Cena.

    "Congrats Punk, you managed to not get yourself fired. How's your leg Punk? It looks like it bothers you. John, why don't you go down to the ring and 'fix' Punk's leg?"

    Cena smiles and makes for the ring but Triple H comes out and Cena stops.

    "Listen Vince, you are going insane. This business deserves better than what you are doing with it."

    "I am tired of you people telling me how to run my company. I am the only one that knows how to run this place, without me it wouldn't exist!"

    Triple H: "Vince, your right about one thing: Without you it wouldn't exist. But Vince, your time has come and gone."

    Vince: "You think you're special don't you? You think you could run this business? You think this place would survive with Punk as champion? I do what needs to be done for the business pal."

    Triple H: "Vince, I'll tell you what: At SummerSlam, CM Punk will take on John Cena for the WWE Championship."

    Vince: "Yeah right, good one—can I leave now?"

    Triple H: "I wasn't finished yet. Vince, you will come to the ring with Cena and I will come to the ring with Punk. If Cena wins then Punk and I will quit the WWE forever. But if we win, Punk is WWE champion and you relinquish your power to me."

    Vince: “You think I would give up that much for a damn match? You are truly crazy."

    Triple H: "Think of the money you would make Vince. Plus, since you have 'Super John Cena' odds are that you would win. This is the only way to get us out of your hair."

    Vince: "YOU'RE ON!"

    Punk smiles and so does Triple H.

    At SummerSlam, CM Punk with Triple H will take on John Cena with Vince McMahon for the WWE Championship. If Cena wins, Punk and Triple H will quit. But if Punk wins then Triple H is in charge of the WWE.


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    That concludes My Monday Night Raw.

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