WWE: Do the Releases of DH Smith and Gail Kim Show a Lack of Effort by Creative?

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistAugust 7, 2011

Two men who were released recently from WWE
Two men who were released recently from WWE

Gail Kim quit WWE, and DH Smith was just given his "Future Endeavors" statement on WWE.com.

These two were both great talents who had been sorely misused by WWE since their arrivals. Gail Kim was a Diva who was pushed way too quickly in her career, so after WWE she went to TNA where she honed her craft and became one of the best female wrestlers out there.

When she made her return to WWE many people thought the former women's champion would be back in the title scene, but she was quickly relegated to backstage appearances and quick squash matches.

Kim's skill and appeal are undeniable, what WWE failed to see in her is beyond me, but DH Smith's release surprised me even more.

Smith was looked at as one of those guys with pure talent. Being the son of a legend didn't hurt either, but it was his size and athleticism that led WWE to notice him.

Teaming with long time friend Tyson Kidd, the two formed The Hart Dynasty and went on to win the tag team championship along with their partner Natalya.

For some reason WWE decided to break up the popular tag team and the two embarked on a short feud with each other that would see only two matches on TV devoted to their turmoil.

Once the split was complete the two men both struggled to find success as singles wrestlers, which is why I don't get the splitting of the team in the first place.

Now that Smith is gone Tyson is left with Natalya to represent the Hart dungeon.

I am used to seeing people who are talented let go, but I think WWE is just stupid for letting Smith go because he had potential no one ever gave him a chance to exceed.

I hope these two find success elsewhere because they both deserve it.

What do you think of the recent releases by WWE?