Georgia Bulldogs: It's Time for Change

Bill BrownellCorrespondent INovember 9, 2008

I'm a pretty serious loyalist. I have been at least since my Navy years. And I have been resisting "indicting" Willie Martinez and his performance at UGA for some time now.

Giving up an occasional 30+ point game is not acceptable, but it's forgivable. Giving up 30+ points in 40 percent of the games played this season is neither acceptable nor forgivable.

Granted, there have been too many points given up by offensive mistakes, good opposing defensive plays, and horrendous special teams. But the vast majority of those 30+ points are on bad defensive play calls and what appears to be no comprehensive defensive program.

The schemes from game to game and team to team seem completely arbitrary.

Although Martinez is not the only problem with the Dawgs right now, he is responsible for keeping points off the board. The offense can put up 500 yards of offense and 35 to 40 points per game. But if we can't keep opposing teams from strolling into our end zone, we're going to keep losing to tough teams, and we'll never have decisive wins.

We may get "W's" but we'll never dominate—and we'll certainly never intimidate.

I'll borrow a phrase we've all heard way too much over the past eight months: It's time for change.

First, this needs to be Martinez's last season with the Dawgs. Sorry, Willie.

Next, someone needs to coach our special teams on how to play special teams.  Opposing teams are quite happy having only 65 to 70 yards to get into our end zone instead of 80 to 90. That's happening much too often.

The CEO needs to re-assume and keep the position of Head Coach. Not since Vince have I felt this confident about a coach.  Coach Richt has what it takes to make and keep the Bulldogs a great football team—a dominant team year after year that is always mentioned when a discussion about a national championship comes up.

You're not going to do it, Coach, unless—and until—you get back in the trenches.

Finally, the UGA players, coaches, and other members of the program have to undergo an attitude overhaul.

Technical proficiency and "W's" will get us good seasons—and that's all. We have to become and stay one of those teams that other teams are scared to play. We have to become the Army Rangers and the Navy Seals of NCAA football.

We have to hit, and hit really hard. We have to play angry. We have to play with aggression, intimidation, and dominance.

Losing is not an option.  Losing is not acceptable.  Losing is not possible.

And I'm not talking about pregame tough talk. I'm not talking about mouthing off to opposing players during the game. I'm not talking about chest or helmet-bumping, King Kong chest-pounding, or Incredible Hulk poses. Let's leave all that for the teams and the players that occasionally make good plays.

I'm talking about that calm, quiet, dominant confidence that, with no words spoken, tells the other side "you're in for a long and miserable 60 minutes"—the 60 minutes we gave Hawaii last year. And when we get that 40-point cushion, we can think about gearing down from 110 percent to 100 percent.

And this can't be an attitude that starts the day before the game and ends when the game is over.

Just like military boot camp, this has to be an attitude that is instilled in the players from the time they sign. It has to be 24/7. They can't just be told to play to their full potential. They have to become warriors and have a focused warrior mentality whenever a football is anywhere in sight.

With this attitude overhaul, the Dawgs will be in the top 10 for 100 percent of the time and in the top five at least 50 percent of the time. We have the talent and we'll always be able to recruit great talent.

With the right attitude, we'll have SEC and National Championships to match our talent.

It's on you, Coach. You can do it.



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