Amauri and Dunga: What's With all the Hostility?

Danny PenzaSenior Writer INovember 9, 2008

It's hard to believe that one of Serie A's best strikers, on one of the league's most storied clubs, has never received a call to his national team.

Amuari Carvalho de Oliveria, or simply Amauri, is having the best start to a season ever, yet he can't get a sniff of Carlos Dunga's Brazil squad.

Because the 28-year-old striker hasn't even been considered by Dunga, questions have been raised whether Amauri will bail on his home country and tell Italy manager Marcello Lippi that he wants to play with the Azzurri.

And during the whole process, some harsh words have been tossed around between the Dunga and Amauri camps the past few weeks.

"I don't care if Dunga doesn't consider me," Amauri told last week. "The important thing is that I am considered by [Claudio] Ranieri, he is my coach, and for now I am only thinking about Juventus, they are my national team."

However, before these remarks were made last week, Dunga has said on more than one occasion that, while he has never spoken to Amauri, he has hinted he hasn't really been considered.

"Amauri did well with Palermo and now he's doing well with an important team like Juve," Dunga told Italian television channel RaiSport. "We have not spoken to him but I read the papers, and I've read he wants guarantees.

"With me, no one has guarantees. The only guarantee is results, there are certain hierarchies that must be respected and I cannot just ignore players who have done well for me."

What's confusing is that Dunga has called up Adriano, a player who has barely featured for Inter Milan in recent weeks after problems with manager Jose Mourinho, for Brazil's Nov. 19 friendly with Portugal instead of Amauri, who has been one of Juve's best players so far this season.

So with all the talk of Amauri never getting the call into the Brazil squad, the talk of Amauri becoming a member of Italy national team when he acquires his Italian passport in the near future.

"Again, when and if I eventually call him up, I will do so," Lippi said this past week. "For now it is useless to talk about it, as he is yet to decide exactly what he wants to do."

Obviously, Amauri will play a bigger role if he was called into the Italy team. Instead of competing for time with Robinho, Kaka, and Pato, he will be one of the favorites to compliment Luca Toni up front.

However, because it seems like, and he most likely is, torn between two countries, the way this will end can't be positive, even if he does get a call into Dunga's squad.

“Truth be told, I am a little embarrassed that two national sides are in competition to have me in their ranks," Amauri told Controcampo. "It is not something that happens every day. I just keep looking ahead and we will see what happens."