A Proposal to the NASCAR Community Leaders and Writers for NASCAR B/R Awards

Mark Eckhart Jr.Correspondent INovember 9, 2008

I recently saw an article written by an F1 fan about some season-ending awards and it gave me an idea. Why don't we try the same thing with the NASCAR community?

Let's give our awards to both Cup Drivers and to the hard working writers of the NASCAR section of B/R.

Here are 10 categories I'd like to propose for the drivers. It's now 20, due to many categories that I've added due to suggestions.

Most Improved


Most Efficient

Most Underrated

Most Overrated

Best Race

Best Drive/Comeback

Best Individual Team

Best Organization

Best Crew Chief

Best Pit Crew

Clutch Performer

Favorite Team

Development Driver Of The Year

Favorite Young Gun

Nationwide Driver Of The Year

Driver Who Deserves A Shot At Cup

Driver Who Needs To Go Back To His Local Short Track

Young Talent You're Excited To Watch In 2009

Alan Kulwicki Sportsmanship Award


The 10 I'd like to propose for NASCAR B/R writers (There are now 14 To Vote For)

Best Writer

Best Article

Most Innovative

Most Enjoyable Article/Writer

Best Blast From the Past

Best New  "Rookie" Writer

Most Underrated Writer

Most Informational Article/Writer

Writer that could be in the Top 5 of the rankings but isn't

Pioneer Writers Who Kicked Off The Nascar Page

Favorite Driver

Best Article Series

Most Passionate Writer

Best Writer For Their Favorite Driver

This is going to be open for suggestion among the Community Leaders. I proposed the idea to Mary Jo, she suggested I write up an article about my idea and see how it goes.

If this idea goes through, cast your votes in a comment to the article and I will keep a tally on a spreadsheet until Dec. 31.

I will then post the results on New Year's Day in another article for all NASCAR writers and all of B/R for that matter to view.


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