WWE Talent Relations EVP John Laurinaitis Talks About Being Awesome and Triple H

David BixenspanFeatured ColumnistAugust 6, 2011

With WWE Executive Vice President of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis now a regular character on WWE in a "stooge" role, it was just a matter of time before hilarity ensued.  John Cena punching him in the face at the climax of his title loss to CM Punk at Money In The Bank was glorious, but not hilarious.

Now, WWE.com has uploaded this tremendous video where John Laurinaitis talks about:

  • His run in Jim Crockett Promotions as the flag bearer of the Sheepherders (also known as the Bushwhackers in WWE).
  • Working for World Championship Wrestling as one half of the Dynamic Dudes with Shane Douglas
  • His 11-year run in All Japan Pro Wrestling.
  • Retiring relatively early (he skips over his WCW run as a road agent, the job now referred to as "producer" in WWE and TNA/Impact Wrestling).
  • Being hired by Vince McMahon (well, "Mr. McMahon") for the talent relations job.
  • Triple H as his new boss.

As you'd expect, it's a very tongue in cheek piece with Laurinaitis being as deluded as possible while speaking in his awesome Marty Funkhouser voice.

He claims to have molded the veteran Sheepherders into to the Bushwhackers (something hardcore fans hated because they went from vicious brawling heels to face-licking comedy babyfaces), alleges that the Dynamic Dudes were loved by both women and men (they didn't get over well at all and were infamously booed out of the building at back-to-back major events), and oddly, he actually doesn't really exaggerate about Japan. 

Then again, he doesn't say that he got a push because he was a favorite of the promoter's wife, either.

Then he moves on to talking about WWE.  He thinks the Board of Directors made a mistake in relieving Vince McMahon of his duties but then kisses up to Triple H as much as possible.  Whenever we see him in his office, there is a plaque with Triple H photos and a Triple H action figure in the background.

Anyway, this is a really funny video that WWE did a good job on.