Tiger Fans: End the Saban Love Fest

Christopher Williams@@6thCLagniappeCorrespondent INovember 9, 2008

Last night, Nick Saban brought his No.1 ranked team into Baton Rouge and pulled out a win in overtime. This is Saban’s second year as Alabama’s head coach and I wish him the best of luck, but Tiger fans need to come to reality and move from what happened four years ago.

Before I go on, let me go back to the 1990’s. When Gerry Dinardo took over as LSU’s head coach in 1995, he lead the Tigers to a 7-4-1 season and brought the team to the Independence Bowl, this was a step above anything Tiger fans experienced during the Curley Hallman days. Hallman coached LSU from 1991-1994 and during his four years his best seasons were in 1991 and 1993 in which the Tigers finished the season 5-6.

In 1996, Dinardo lead the Tigers to a 10-2 season and brought them to the Peach Bowl and they finished the season ranked No.12 in the country. The following year, LSU finished 9-3, earned a spot in the Independence Bowl and finished No.13 in the nation.

After three years, Tiger fans had high expectations but the next two years Dinardo had a combined record of 7-15. Before the last game of the season in 1999, Dinardo was removed as head coach which was the beginning of a new decade for LSU.

In 2000, Nick Saban was hired as LSU's head coach and before winning a national championship in 2003, Saban had the following records.

2000: 8-4
2001: 10-3
2002: 8-5 *thanks to the blue grass miracle, LSU did not finish 7-6.

Then in 2003, LSU finished 13-1 with a National Championship. After this season the Nick Saban love fest started in Baton Rouge.

In 2004, the Tigers finished 9-3, but almost lost the first game of the season against Oregon State. Oregon State came into Baton Rouge unranked and forced LSU into OT in which LSU was able to luckily win.

Then on Christmas Day 2004, Nick Saban gives a press conference to announce he is leaving LSU. He coached the team in the Capital One Bowl game against Iowa and lost in the last few seconds 30-25.

Then comes Coach Les Miles who is able to win another championship for LSU in only three years. Before 2008, he did not lose more than two games a season and although Coach Miles had a chance to go coach his Alma mater, he decided to stay at LSU.

Am I missing something? What does LSU fans see in Nick Saban that they don’t see in Les Miles? I hate to say this, but LSU fans remind me of an abused wife who keeps wanting her husband back.

Maybe I am one of the few who is glad Nick Saban is out of LSU. Don’t get me wrong, I am glad he brought a National Championship to Baton Rouge, but he reached his peak and then cashed out when his stock was high. He made a great move, because if you read the comments made by LSU fans, they would have run him off two years after winning a National Championship if he would have lost any more than two games a season.

Les Miles has proved more consistency while winning a National Championship than Nick Saban, yet so man LSU fans think Saban is a football god.

Wake up Tiger fans and appreciate what you have, because I have a feeling things are better today with Les Miles than it would have been if Nick Saban would still be around (assuming he would not have been run off yet).

But Saban has lead the Crimson Tide to a No.1 ranking in only two years? Thanks to an easier than normal SEC schedule Nick Saban is peaking early and don’t be surprised if in three years Saban will be a thing of the past in Alabama.