WWE Enigmatic Debate: Cuts, Zack Ryder, Triple H, Ziggler, Morrison/SmackDown

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WWE Enigmatic Debate: Cuts, Zack Ryder, Triple H, Ziggler, Morrison/SmackDown

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Which Released Superstar Deserved a Better Opportunity?

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    Gail Kim was the most deserving. Arguably the best all around Diva in the WWE, Gail hasn’t been used properly since the small push WWE Creative gave her when she debuted. If you’re a fan of the Divas division and you admire uniqueness, diversity, and a great match, Gail Kim was the Diva you were looking for.

    When she returned, I was ecstatic. I’ve always loved Gail and what she brought to the ring. The fact that she never got a proper opportunity due to her time in TNA is mind boggling.

    Ryan Frye

     Melina, considering today’s standards, was one of the best Divas in the WWE. She was good in-ring, decent on the microphone, and had some charisma to her.

    With that being said, her rumored attitude backstage eliminates her from being my answer here.

    Gail Kim was very underused after having a brilliant run in TNA. The Divas division really needed a presence such as Kim’s; unfortunately, she was never given a chance.

    Overall, I can’t say she would have had made much of an impact, so I’ll keep going.

    David Hart Smith found his niche in the tag-team division. He and Tyson Kidd should have never split as they were easily the most legitimate team in the WWE.

    Without Kidd though, Smith was just another lost and buried superstar.

    Vladimir Kozlov is a dependable locker-room guy who is willing to do just about anything. He still couldn’t get over with the crowd and had a boring move set. It seems as if Vladimir had just reached his ceiling with the company.

    This leaves us with “The Masterpiece,” Chris Masters.

    Masters is one of the most agile big men in the business today and proved to be an excellent heel in his first WWE stint. The issue was always with the substance-abuse policy, which got him cut once, and the WWE didn’t seem willing to really give him a push the second time around.

    Out of the five, I’d pick Chris Masters.

    Charlie Groenewegen

     Let’s see; we had Vladimir Kozlov, Melina, Gail Kim, DH Smith, and Chris Masters released on Friday.

    Melina was known to have backstage issues with other people and things.

    Kozlov never really impressed me too much. While I liked him when he debuted on SmackDown, everything fell down hill from there, and he didn’t show too much potential.

    I thought Smith was already cut before Friday, but he was boring anyway—in the ring and on the mic. Boring.

    That leaves us with Gail Kim and Chris Masters.

    Everyone knows about Gail’s wrestling ability. She could’ve easily been the best Diva in the locker room if given the chance. But, she certainly wasn’t the youngest in the locker room.

    Gail definitely has a future in another organization, be it IMPACT Wrestling or Ring of Honor. She has the skill to succeed anywhere and has found previous success in TNA.
    I’m going to pick Chris Masters. He was the most shocking of the five in my opinion.

    Masters is a good young talent but was never given the chance.

    People were talking about a rumored push after Royal Rumble; little did we know that push would be out the door.

    Masters is loaded with potential and deserves better than this. You can replicate, but you can’t duplicate.

    Worst of all, we may never see Chris Masters vs. Zack Ryder for the new WWE Internet Championship.

    Woo woo woo, you know it, bro. :)

    John Cavanagh

    That would be The Masterpiece, Chris Masters.

    Masters deserves a chance for another run in the WWE. In all honesty, he could be a solid U.S. or intercontinental champion.

    He received a big push when he first entered the WWE and was a low mid-carder ever since it ended. He has had solid matches on Superstars with all talents.

    He gets a nice pop every time he wrestles. With a little push, Masters could be one of the most over mid-carders in the WWE.

    Plus, he just made an appearance on Z! True Long Island Story. How did he still get released, bro?

Thoughts on the Heel Turns of Beth Phoenix and Natalya

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     I admire WWE Creative for turning Beth and Nattie heel. Both are the best Divas in the WWE division, and the fact that the WWE would rather focus on Kelly or Eve is puzzling.

    This is Beth’s first title match since her return last year. Simply put, Beth hasn’t had a chance to regain the championship since she got injured last year.

    Nattie’s run with the title was great but ended due to the infamous “hotshot” booking of WWE Creative. With LayCool gone, Kharma pregnant, and the Bella’s growing irrelevant with each passing day, this was the final option.

    Personally, I would have Beth and Natalya run rampant over the division.

    That is, until Kharma returns to the WWE.

    Ryan Frye

    I love it.

    I love the fact that the WWE is trying to shed the cut-and-cuddily Diva image as it is both sexist and rarely works.

    I hope they allow Phoenix and Natalya to dominate for a while, with others that can wrestle (like AJ) challenging them, to improve the quality of matches.

    Too bad Kharma can’t be apart of this angle; it’d be that much better that way.

    Charlie Groenewegen

    You want my honest opinion?

    I don’t really care for their heel turns too much. The Divas division is out two top talents in Melina and Gail Kim.

    The only positive I see is that we can finally get a credible challenger to Kelly Kelly’s Divas championship. No more “twin magic” by the Bella's.

    For Beth, it’s been a long time coming. 

    John Cavanagh 

    There is always that moment where everybody thinks the WWE will give a spark to the dying Divas division.

    This time, they have given us a REAL reason to believe them.

    Well, all I have to say is, I hope so. Phoenix and Natalya are two of the best Divas in the company, so I very much hope it revolutionizes the division.

Thoughts on Sheamus's Face Turn

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    It’s awesome and a nice change-up from the regular WWE programming.

    Mark Henry was running rampant over SmackDown, and who better than the Celtic Warrior to stop him? It’s better than having Sheamus displayed as a cowardly face.

    If you’re thinking long-term, this face turn also benefits SmackDown.

    Once Christian defeats Orton at SummerSlam, Sheamus could step up as the No. 1 contender.  

    On the other hand, Orton could spark a feud with Cody Rhodes. I would book Orton to attack Cody during a match, setting up a heated rivalry between the former Legacy cohorts.

    This also benefits Daniel Bryan. WWE Creative is giving Bryan time to flourish in the mid card while Christian remains busy with Orton and Sheamus.

    Simply put, great job by WWE Creative.

    Ryan Frye

    Sheamus has a natural charisma and likability to him, so I’m in favor of this turn.

    As long as he stays away from Hornswaggle and keeps his edge, Sheamus can play the face role well.

    Christian is going to need an opponent soon, and that may very well be Sheamus. Sheamus could become the world heavyweight champion, which is something that he could not do as a heel with the current roster the way it is (overloaded by heels).

    Charlie Groenewegen

     I like Sheamus.

    I like his face turn. He hasn’t been a face in his WWE career, and it should be interesting to see how it plays out.

    By a show of hands, who is tired of seeing Randy Orton vs. Christian at every pay-per-view? Is that everybody? Close enough.

    Randy vs. Christian has been done over and over and over and over again. They’ve been in the world title match for three consecutive PPVs.

    Smackdown is heel heavy and Sheamus could—and should—be a fresh face in the world-title hunt.

    John Cavanagh

    I always liked Sheamus as a heel. I knew ever since he came into the company that he had it. He was the future long-term heel the WWE needs.

    But now, a face turn is a good thing for Sheamus. It might be a bit of a setback because I don’t believe that he can play the face role perfectly, but every wrestler needs a change of scenery once in awhile.

    By turning him face, the WWE can expand Sheamus a bit more. It will also make his second heel turn just as good as his first run as a heel.

    A face turn will give him more opponents and SmackDown a fresh new face, something they very much need.

Thoughts on Possible Alex Riley/Dolph Ziggler Feud

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    Personally, I love the idea of Alex Riley feuding with Dolph Ziggler for the U.S. championship. Riley would’ve wasted away in the WWE mid card, while Dolph would’ve continued the same storyline from SmackDown 2010.

    I predicted this feud once A-Ry’s feud with The Miz ended.

    If the WWE wants to consistently build Riley up as a legitimate main-event talent, he’ll have to pick up at least once mid-card title reign along the way.

    With the WWE disappointed in Riley’s in-ring performance, putting him in a feud with one of the best workers in Ziggler can push Riley’s improvement.

    This also gives Riley multiple opportunities to get himself over with the live audience by cutting promos.

    Did you watch this segment? Riley embarrassed Ziggler to the point at which all Dolph could say was “Do I even know who you are?”

    Ryan Frye

     Finally, something fresh!

    Look, Alex Riley still needs lots of work as he is green in the ring and still sounds a little too rehearsed on the microphone.

    He was Miz’s sidekick for the longest time and then was expected to become a singles star overnight when he turned.

    In reality, Riley is perfectly fit for a mid-card title reign, and he’ll be able to grow more working with somebody new.

    For Dolph, he needs to move on to bigger and better things (and drop Vickie Guerrero while he’s at it!).

    Charlie Groenewegen: 

     I like the idea of a feud between Ziggler and Riley.

    I’ve never really known how small Ziggler is compared to A-Ry. What a difference, right?

    Riley is good on the mic and pretty good in the ring. Ziggler is half decent (is that safe to say?) on the mic and good in the ring.

    I don’t expect super-awesome promos between the guys, but you can expect some pretty good matches between the pair.

    I just hope A-Ry isn’t getting “Jack Swagger Syndrome,” also known as getting pushed too soon then eventually becoming a jobber.

    John Cavanagh

    Good idea. Riley needed another feud after his hot feud with the Miz flopped. Ziggler was going nowhere quickly. He was losing TV time and more. The same can be said about Riley. I think I actually forgot about him until he interrupted Ziggler.

    I am a HUGE fan and supporter of Dolph Ziggler, and I think he needs to win this feud with A-Ry to stay relevant.

    Riley has more options and is over with the crowd; he doesn’t need the push right now. After the way WWE has been booking him, Ziggler does. He has been booked as a coward who has made the US title a prop.

    It can be good as long as Ziggler wins it.

Is It Time for Dolph Ziggler to Turn Face?

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    Yes, it’s time for Ziggler to drop Vickie Guerrero and turn face.

    I don’t understand why Vickie is still managing Dolph. Initially, Vickie was placed with Ziggler to draw heat to Dolph and his character. While Vickie is spontaneously successful when it comes to drawing heat, we’ve reached the point where Dolph no longer needs Vickie.

    Ziggler has improved tremendously on the mic, while his routine remains the same. For example, Stone Cold goaded Ziggler into dropping Vickie as a joke. The audience reacted positively to it as when Riley and Kofi Kingston mentioned Ziggler and his reliance on Vickie Guerrero.

    The reaction was only the tip of the iceberg. The WWE should push for a full-fledged face turn as Dolph has the potential to become one of the WWE’s biggest stars. He’s the fourth-best in-ring worker in the WWE today (behind Bryan, Punk, and Christian).

    What more could the WWE ask for?

    A face turn for Dolph also opens up the potential for other stars to turn heel. John Morrison or Kofi Kingston anyone?

    Ryan Frye

     As I touched on in the the last slide, YES!

    Dolph has been a heel for his entire career and has needed Vickie Guerrero as a heat magnet.

    I feel Dolph Ziggler can succeed as a face, especially if he drops Vickie, who maybe the most over heel in the company right now.

    Let’s give Vickie Guerrero to another up-and-coming bad-ass and allow Mr. Ziggles to move on and get out of her continually diminishing shadow.

    Charlie Groenewegen 

     I think it is.

    Maybe after a feud with A-Ry, he can ditch Vickie and fly solo as a face.

    If you watch videos from NXT whatever season Ziggler was a pro, you can see him show some personality without Vickie around. He seemed like a face, always cheering on his rookie, laughing, and having a good-old time. Ziggler seemed like your average guy.

    If Ziggler can be himself as a face, it’ll definitely work. I also like the idea of Ziggler vs. Miz. How’s that?

    John Cavanagh

     Yes. Ziggler needs to drop Vickie once and for all!

    Ziggler needs to prove he can go on his own, which he is more than capable of doing. By dropping Vickie, he can get great face status in an instant.

    It’s a no brainer.

    He has the look and charisma. He can show that he has more charisma with a face turn.

    His mic skills are decent, but they fit a face better. Ziggler just doesn’t have the right tone and promo delivery for a heel.

    A face turn is necessary for Ziggler if he wants out of the mid card, where he is stuck right now.

Thoughts on Zack Ryder's Position as Assistant SmackDown GM

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    It’s drawing more attention to the brand. Teddy Long has been general manager for almost nine years, and throwing someone like Ryder in eases the predictable antics of Long. Remember, Zack wasn’t appearing on WWE programming until Triple H stepped in.

    I don’t understand why Ryder is being booked as a heel, but it’s better than nothing.

    Personally, I hope he’s placed in a serious gimmick at some point as he’s looking like SmackDown’s version of Eric Young and Santino Marella.

    Ryan Frye

    It isn’t the ideal thing to see Zack Ryder do; I don’t see why he cannot be in the hunt for the intercontinental championship.

    Nonetheless, anything to get Ryder on television is fine with me at this point.

    It highlights his microphone work, natural charisma, and ability to connect with crowd even with a goofy gimmick.

    I hope to see Zack Ryder slowly climb up the SmackDown ladder and claim his first singles title within the next year or so.

    Charlie Groenewegen 

     It’s pretty stupid.

    Am I supposed to believe Zack Ryder is a RAW superstar and assistant SmackDown general manager?

    “Are you serious bro?”

    How the hell does that work?

    Instead of sending Ryder to SmackDown via draft as they should have, now he’s assistant GM?

    How come Ryder hasn’t used his power to put Hawkins or Primo or any of his other “Broskis” on the show?

    Ryder as assistant GM is a stupid way of satisfying the IWC’s hunger for Zack Ryder on television.

    I’m all for Ryder on TV but as a wrestler—I mean superstar.

    Not some assistant general manager.

    John Cavanagh

     It gets Zack on TV! How can it backfire? It is good as long as he doesn’t get squashed every week. He has been getting promo time.

    That’s right: Zack gets to talk! And he gets to wrestle too!

    I think the WWE has a plan with this as it will lead to something bigger.

    I am all for it. I like Zackdown better than Superstars for Ryder because it gives him a chance with the audience.

    It gives him some power, and if he uses too much power, maybe it grows into a bigger storyline.

    There are many possibilities, so I LOVE his new role.

Is Triple H Playing the COO Role Well?

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     Personally, I like the direction programming is going since Triple H “fired” Vince McMahon.

    Zack Ryder is finally on television and Jim Ross is back on commentating. SmackDown has become more interesting as of late, and it seems as if the WWE is trying to develop new talent.

    Then again, RAW hasn't been as great as it should be.

    Seems as if we waited two hours for an announcement we knew was coming.

    On the other hand, it’s difficult to judge Triple H due to his taking the role only a few weeks ago.

    Personally, I think Triple H will play the role to perfection once he turns heel.

    Ryan Frye

     It will take time for Triple H to evolve into a boss-type role, because I still see him and think of him as a wrestler.

    It honestly makes no sense for him to keep his theme music, have the same mannerisms, and be a good guy. I would rather see him completely change his gimmick and go back to his more comfortable role as a heel.

    It isn’t that Triple H is a bad boss figure, but he needs to change his on-screen ways to make himself more believable.

    Charlie Groenewegen

     I don’t really know.

    I think it may be too soon to judge “The Game” at this point.

    What’s he done that’s so special anyway? Put Zack Ryder on TV? Uh, yeah, and he lost two matches.

    Make a WWE champion vs. WWE champion match for SummerSlam?

    Like I didn’t see that a mile away the second CM Punk showed up on RAW.

    Can you even credit him for CM Punk's resigning? I don’t. I give that credit to the guy that signed his damn name on the dotted line.

    Triple H is giving us fans Christian vs. Orton for the fourth consecutive time on pay-per-view.

    Let me ask you: After all the things I said, is Triple H filling the role as COO well?


Is Michael Cole a Better Fit as a Manager Than a Commentator?

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     Yes, I’ve been saying this for months. Michael Cole is the worst commentator in the WWE today and his toolish ways have become bland and predictable.

    I believe Cole should’ve become The Miz’s manager months ago, despite Miz's not needing one.

    I’d be lying if I said Michael Cole isn’t entertaining, but I do believe he should be managing instead of commentating. Jim Ross is back, and I prefer King/Ross over Cole/anyone.

    If the WWE doesn’t want to place him with Miz, I believe they should place him with a face.

    Remember when WWE wanted to bring Seth Rollins up to WWE NXT with Cole as his pro? I believe the two would’ve clashed like Daniel Bryan and The Miz. Basically, Cole would’ve aided Rollins in getting fans to favor him while drawing heat for himself.

    It’s a win-win situation.

    Ryan Frye

     I defended Michael Cole when everybody else was bashing him, but he has become more of a distraction from what is supposed to be the main focus of the show.

    His job is to put over wrestlers, yet he only does that for The Miz and buries every other talent on the roster. It is really counterproductive to put someone over with Cole announcing as he’ll just keep burying him deeper.

    Instead of pushing himself, Cole could draw heat to a guy that needs it, actually helping the WWE in the process.

    Charlie Groenewegen

     Honestly, whatever results in my not having to hear Michael Cole’s voice every week of the year.

    I actually hate Cole’s style of announcing, but I have to give credit where’s credit due.

    He’s an alright announcer.

    What I hate about Michael Cole besides his voice is the fact that he decides to use medical terms for the most simple things.

    “He’s kicked in the skull!” It’s okay; you can say head. When did Michael Cole get his PhD?

    I hate when you so clearly see a guy get hit nowhere close to the head and Cole sells it as a head injury. I’m forgetting a perfect example of it, but I hate that.

    Michael Cole would be better off as a manager, I suppose. Who’s he going to manage though?

Do You Like the Idea of Daniel Bryan Cashing in at WrestleMania?

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     Personally, I hate the idea of the MITB winners announcing when they’re going to cash in. It takes away from the surprise MITB cash-ins are known for.

    I’m having a hard time believing Bryan will even make it to WrestleMania with the briefcase. I do remember a certain Superstar proclaiming the same thing only to lose the briefcase to Edge a few weeks later.

    However, I could be wrong.

    I hope so.

    Ryan Frye

     Yes and no.

    Daniel Bryan needs a gimmick change. Until this time comes, he is just not world-champion caliber.

    It’s cool to know that the guy will main event WrestleMania, but it maybe better off to see him turn heel instead.

    Of course, both would be absolutely genius by creative.

    Charlie Groenewegen

     Yes and no.

    It adds on to his perfect Daniel "Babyface" Bryan image, showing that he’s not some thug who’ll jump the champion from behind and cash in, so that’ll help him keep his socks high and his smile straight.

    I’m saying he’ll be a face and a fan's perfect image of such (example: John Cena) for a long time coming.

    It’s bad because it takes away the unpredictability that comes with the Money in the Bank briefcase. I love waiting and watching the holder of the case stalk the champion.

    Daniel Bryan won’t do that.

Should John Morrison Be Moved to SmackDown?

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     Yes, John Morrison should be moved to SmackDown.

    First of all, RAW is overcrowded with talent at this point. Besides Del Rio, Punk, and Cena, I don’t believe anyone will receive (or win) the WWE Championship until after WrestleMania 28.

    While RAW is overcrowded, SmackDown could use a Superstar like John Morrison.

    Morrison’s brightest moments came during his face run on SmackDown in 2009. JoMo put on great matches with Edge, Jericho, Hardy, Punk, and Mysterio during his time on the blue brand. He was undoubtedly SmackDown’s most over mid carder during his time there.

    Another reason is the lack of contenders for the world championship. When Christian beats Orton, Sheamus is practically the only Superstar believable enough to step up as a challenger, and we’ve already watched multiple Sheamus/Christian matches this year.

    Adding Morrison (and Truth) to the SmackDown brand would shake things up a bit.

    Ryan Frye

     Yes, he appears to be more over and better on the mic on SmackDown, and he could also be a main eventer for a show that lacks many.

    On RAW, JoMo is lost in the shuffle and loses some crowd reaction and mic ability, for whatever reason.

    Charlie Groenewegen: 

    Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Damn it, yes!

    I question why he’s even still on RAW. He can’t compete with the mic skills of CM Punk, John Cena, The Miz, R-Truthm, and others. (Notice that’s basically the main event scene.)

    RAW is in no need of John Morrison. The main-event scene is too crowded and if fans want Morrison to be world champion, he’ll have to be on SmackDown.

    SmackDown is in need of a second top face. As much as the WWE doesn’t want to admit it, Randy Orton can’t carry the show.

    It looks as though Sheamus may take that role, but there’s always room for one more.

    Morrison’s chances of winning the WWE title on RAW are about as good as the chances that Matt Hardy get employed by the WWE again.

    Sorry, Hardy fans.

    I think Morrison’s chances of winning the world title will go through the roof if he switches to Friday nights.


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