Will the Washington Wizards Go Winless In November?

Jennifer JohnsonAnalyst INovember 9, 2008

The winter of discontent has begun for the cellar-dwelling Washington Wizards.

They dropped their fifth straight game, 106-81, last night against the Orlando Magic. 

Their record is 0-5 and the wheels are coming off the bus at warp speed.

Same old story, same results. 

The Wizards couldn’t contain star Power Forward Dwight Howard as he poured in 31 points and grabbed 16 rebounds. 

Guard Nick Young led his battered troupe with 20 points and 3 rebounds and DeShawn Stevenson added 14 points.

Now that the Wizards have matched their horrendous start of last season, many questions have surfaced as to what will it take to turn this beat-down around? 

Wizards Power Forward Antawn Jamison has led his team many times through his five-year career in Washington, through these winless spells. 

But even he has appeared to lose hope for the future.

“Anytime you lose like that you don’t approve of it.  But its extra disappointing when you’re in the position we’re in for us to not come out with the energy and focus that we needed for this game. “We’re 0-5 and we need people to play basketball.”

Jamison’s statement indicates that the players on the floor have little interest in being a professional team. 

Injuries have killed this team’s killer instinct.  

And hope is not around the corner, as Gilbert Arenas and Brendan Haywood are sidelined indefinitely with their ailing knee and wrist problems.

Owner Abe Pollin should do his best to support the team by spending more in the offseason on top notch defensive specialists and big men.

Remember when the Wizards had Rasheed Wallace and Ben Wallace in their front court?

What happened to the scouting department on these players? 

Both have won championships with the Detroit Pistons and both still are capable starters in the NBA.

No current Wizard has the NBA body except for Center Etan Thomas.

Forward Andray Blatche is a shooting, 6'11" softie. The experiment for him at the five position has in previous tries, not produced wins. 

It makes more sense to keep Blatche at the three position (small forward) and start Antwan Jamison at center.

His heart appears to still be in this season, and he knows how to strip the ball once an opponent is in the lane. 

Their best bet is if the training staff gets to work on rookie Center JaVale McGhee and help him add ten pounds of muscle to his thin frame. 

Muscle and strength can’t be taught, but they can be acquired. 

Next up for the Wizards is a home game against the jump-shooting Utah Jazz.    

Any takers that the Wiz notch their first win? I didn’t think so.