WWE: Is Mick Foley the Best Candidate for the Undertaker's WrestleMania Streak?

Cec Van Galini@@MJA_GalbraithAnalyst IIIAugust 6, 2011

It will not come as a surprise to many if the king of hardcore, Mick Foley reappears on our WWE television screens anytime soon.

There have been rumours for months that he would make his return, even dating back to when he was in TNA. The decision by the WWE to advertise his book, Countdown to Lockdown, whilst in TNA, still baffles the mind, given that Vince McMahon is so insistent on not mentioning his competition.

The man that first graced our screens as Mankind in 1996 and then as Dude Love and Cactus Jack, was an instant hit with wrestling fans. Feuding with the Undertaker is always a means by which to get attention, but unlike some of his bigger and badder opponents, Foley knew his way around a ring.

The Hell in a Cell contest at the 1998 King of the Ring produced one of the most hellacious matches ever seen in a WWE ring. During the match Foley, not once but twice, fell off the top of the cage. Concussion was the result and Foley admits to not remembering much about the match.

Wrestling would not go to such extremes again, but it is in the book as an instant classic of barbaric proportion. To exceed it would surely have led to severe injury or paralysis.

And so as the spring spectacular beings, albeit very slowly, to appear on the horizon, and as storylines are being prepared, the question remains: Could the Undertaker's last victim be Mick Foley?

Ever since the streak officially began, the WWE has had to think up new and exciting concepts to make the matches believable. The WrestleMania XXV match with Shawn Michaels is regarded by many as the greatest match in history.

And so how do you compete with perfection? 

You simply can't.

If the streak is to be maintained but with an interest from fans, the match must be a different affair to the previous 19. I, for one, thought the Triple H match at WrestleMania XXVII was all too predictable and I hate that The Game booked himself into such a match.

He may have fans but given his long term injury the year before, this was not his time.

And so could the potentially last match of the Undertaker's career be against Mick Foley in a hardcore contest of the ages? Could Mick Foley even win, with the phenom tipping his cap to the man who brought the very best out of him?

The question remains as to what shape either men are in, but given the considerable lack of talent that would provide a meaningful match for the Undertaker's streak—Mick Foley would bring something that no other competitor could. I would not want to see, even Foley ending the streak, but I do want a match that properly commemorates 20 victories.

The streak needs credibility. It needs the fans to believe that the opponent has a chance and maybe just maybe, the Undertaker is willing to lose to a respected foe. No one in the locker room has this gravitas.

Mick Foley does and it would be a match for the ages if they competed one last time.

Bang Bang.