WWE Opinion: Commentators Show Distinct Lack of Styles

Justin TensityContributor IIIAugust 6, 2011

He's got to get on his bicycle here Josh
He's got to get on his bicycle here Josh

Get ready to fly!

No, not that Styles.

After June 27, the day the WWE stood still, there were several articles on Bleacher Report recapping some of the greatest shoots of all-time.  My favorite of these shoots, and the one I found the most true was delivered by ECW announcer and Deity proprietor (Oh my God!) Joey Styles.

Before he left RAW for the burgeoning ECW brand, Styles went on an on-screen rant where he quit RAW, told the Spirit Squad to screw off and finally called out King and J.R. over the announcing technique—he pointed out how they talk about the stories and not the wrestlers.

How J.R. and King were more concerned about making silly jokes than telling the fans what moves the wrestlers were doing.

And he was right.  And since that day, it has been getting worse and worse. And today's SmackDown announce team of Booker T, Josh Matthews and Michael Cole are the very worst I have ever heard. 

I was watching this week's match between Tyson Kidd and Daniel Bryan Danielson and I found myself calling the match.

While these two very adept technicians went to work, Booker and Cole were bickering about their personal differences and Matthews was trying to interview Wade Barrett at ringside. Instead of hearing "running back elbow!" or, "Wow it's a suicide dive," all I heard was, "This guy's a nerd," and, "I'm Wade Barrett."

I watch wrestling for the wrestling. I like the moves and I like the matches. It's up to the wrestlers to tell the story and it's up to commentators to make it interesting.

Granted, J.R. makes it a little better, and I all but pray to the wrestling gods that Striker and Foley come back to the WWE .

The new Cole is so annoying and so focused on his own story that it hurts the quality of the televised match. It's annoying. It's boring. If I wanted to hear bickering, I'd stop watching wrestling and turn on the Real Housewives. That's what I assume they do on those shows.