Ten Top Tens After Week Eleven In College Football

Mitch Wilson@sportschatplaceSenior Writer INovember 9, 2008

Top Ten Teams


1) Texas Tech- Don't make the Miami reservations just yet though.


2) Alabama- Did what it took to win, the sign of a champion.


3) Utah-They just keep winning.


4) Boise-Won by 35, could have been 75.


5) Ball State-Making it look easy.


6) Texas-The Horns seem to have it rolling again.


7) Oklahoma-Their games are over in the 1st quarter.


8) USC-A lot of talk about a great D, how much of it is the offenses they are playing?


9) Florida-Can someone explain again how they lost to Ole Miss at home?


10) Ohio State- The Buckeyes were dominating in Evanston.

Top Ten Games I Watched This Week


1) Alabama 27, LSU 21 (OT)-The best games tend to happen when the teams don't like each other.


2) Utah 13, TCU 10 -How can you blame a kicker when you get inside the 20 6 times and walk away with 10 points?


3) Iowa 24, Penn State 23- Games like this make the casual fan become the hardcore fan.


4) Cincinnati 26, West Virginia 23- The Bearcats have a chance to go to a big bowl.


5) Georgia 42, Kentucky 38-Games like this are worth the price of a season of Gameplan.


6) Rutgers 35, Syracuse 17- This was actually a comeback.


7) Wyoming 13, Tennessee 7 - Things are rock bottom at Rocky Top.


8) Texas Tech 56, Oklahoma State 20- The excitement alone was amazing.


9) Florida State 41, Clemson 27- I actually thought the Noles were done early.


10) Western Michigan 23, Illinois 17-Not as big of an upset as a lot of people think.

Top Ten Big Winners From This Week

1) Texas Tech - A lot of doubters just left the building.


2) Tim Pollock - Second Bleacher Report top ten college football writer to win my free picking contest in the last 3 weeks.


3) Barack Obama - I think he won something and whether you backed him or not we all back America.


4) Iowa Fans - It's wins like that you remember for the rest of your life.


5) Utah - last time they went to the BCS they played an also ran, this time they may play a powerhouse.


6) Joe Calzaghe - This guy makes it look so easy.


7) Florida Gators - They keep dropping in front of them.


8) Cincinnati Bearcats - Got to love a team that loves to hit.


9) Wyoming - Epic win on the road for the Cowboys.


10) Tommy Tubberville - If they would have lost to Tennessee-Martin it would have been a disaster.

Top Ten Teams That Stink

1) Washington State-Big deal, they covered a 41 point spread.


2) Washington-A once proud program now a regular on this list.


3) Western Kentucky-One win against a D-1 team in their history.


4) North Texas State-Congrats, you moved down 3 spots.


5) Utah State- Not even fun to watch.


6) Texas A&M- A laughing stock.


7) Tennessee- I almost put Wyoming here.


8) Wyoming-Move down a spot with yesterday's win.


9) Indiana- Not good.


10) San Diego State-This team has some serious issues.

Top Ten Things My Wife Got Accomplished Before I Even Managed To Get Off Of The Couch


1) Yoga - I have to try that one of these days.


2) Shopping - Explain it to me again: How did we save $220 dollars by spending $700?


3) Power Walk - She throws on the Ipod and heads for the shores of Lake Michigan.


4) 37 Phone Calls - All while doing something else.


5) Manicure - Do they get these every day?


6) Paid the Bills - She does all of the organizational things around here.


7) Watched 3 Tivo'd episodes of Oprah - I would love to be a guest of hers someday.


8) More Shopping - This college football thing is getting expensive.


9) Got the Pizza - What's a Saturday of college football without Chicago pizza?


10) Planning - I'm not sure what I agreed to because I was focused in on the games, but I'm sure i'll find out soon enough.

Top Ten Players That Got it Done


1) Daniel Murray (Iowa)- A day he will never forget.


2) A.J. Green (Georgia)- I thought Stafford was throwing that ball away.


3) Brian Johnson (Utah)-Got it done when they needed it most.


4) Tony Pike (Cincinnati)-Could have easily packed it in.


5) Tim Tebow (Florida)- I thought he was hurt?


6) Graham Harrell (Texas Tech)- If that was a let down game I hate to see what they are really capable of.


7) Chase Clement (Rice)- New Conference USA TD record holder.


8) Vai Taua (Nevada) - 263 rushing yards on national TV.


9) Nick Sheridan (Michigan) - Steps in and gets a big win for the program.


10) Beanie Wells (Ohio State)- Really looks like a man among boys out there.

Top Ten Nicknames I Have To Look Up In The Dictionary

1) Utah Utes- I thought it came from Joe Pesci's character in My Cousin Vinnie.


2) Akron Zips-No clue on this one.


3) Central Michigan Chippewas-A little help?


4) Virginia Tech Hokies-I looked it up and it isn't there.


5) Idaho Vandals-Were muggers and thieves taken?


6) Western Kentucky Hilltoppers-What are they talking about?


7) Iowa Hawkeyes-Spell check hates it; usually means it isn't a real word.


8) Penn State Nittany Lions- Nittany? Say what?


9) Virginia Cavaliers- I get the Cav thing but what's all this Wahoo stuff? I thought that was a fish.


10) Syracuse Orangemen-True story: I like carrots and when I eat too many I turn Orange for a week.

Top Ten Favorite Sports Movies

1) Hoosiers- Still the best.


2) Caddyshack-Still funny.


3) Slapshot-Paul Newman said it was his favorite movie he ever made.


4) Remember the Titans-Some great stuff.


5) Rocky-Yo, this won the Oscar.


6) Raging Bull-DeNiro at his best.


7) The Longest Yard-The original, not the remake.


8) Rudy-The end still gets me.


9) Breaking Away-Refund? Refund?


10) When We Were Kings-If you can just see one sports movie ever, this is the one.

Top Ten Guys Our NFL Friends Are Going To Love Someday


1) Michael Crabtree-If they like Randy Moss, wait until they see this guy.


2) Terrance Cody-Can change an entire offensive scheme.


3) Beanie Wells- Will be a Mr. Dependable for someone.


4) Percy Harvin- Will be loved the way Devin Hester is loved here in Chicago.


5) Sean Spence-This Freshman could start on any NFL team right now.


6) Joe McKnight-The most talented of a very talented bunch.


7) Mike Mickens- Just looks silky smooth.


8) Julio Jones-A game changer, SEC fans think the sooner he goes the better.


9) Knowshawn Moreno-An Acrobat.


10) Rey Maualuga-Not just a great player, a great leader.

Top Ten Games For Next Week


1) South Carolina at Florida- Spurrier has his team playing well.


2) USC at Stanford- Payback?


3) Virginia Tech at Miami-It's an exciting time to be a Canes fan.


4) Cal at Oregon State-It's this kind of week when this game is #4.


5) Central Michigan at Northern Illinois-Should be a good game.


6) Ohio State at Illinois-Another "payback" game.


7) Notre Dame at Navy- The traditionalist special.


8) Texas at Kansas- I smell a ton of scoring.


9) Mississippi State at Alabama- I like hard hitting so this one suits me fine.


10) Minnesota at Wisconsin-It's time for Paul Bunyon's Axe to find it's home for the year.


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