Alabama Crimson Tide's Christmas in Dixie

Ren C.Correspondent INovember 9, 2008

The Crimson Tide of Alabama, commanded by Master Saba Ni'narule, Jedi Legion. Went to Death Valley Saturday, Nov. 8, 2008 after a week of John Parker Wilson's cell phone being bombarded by LSU fans' harassments. In response, after Alabama's first touchdown, Wilson looked at the LSU sideline and asked, "Can you hear me now?" 

Hey, John. We will take that penalty. Personally, I have seen other teams' players show boat and be a lot more disrespectful than Wilson was Saturday night. But the refs thought it was unsportsmanlike. 

Hum-mm...I wonder if the refs thought the ref's shove of the Alabama player was unsportsmanlike? In my humble opinion, a Ref should never, ever shove a college player. That is not only unsportsmanlike, it is also the worst example a senior man can give to a college student. So, all you refs, remember the public watches your actions, too.

It was a defensive game, with Alabama and LSU taking the lead, tying, taking the lead, and tying, time after time until it went into overtime. You cannot say it was a boring game. This was one of those down-in-the-trenches, bleeding-for-your-team games that will go down in SEC history as a Cinderella story for a Cinderella team that was not supposed to be where it is now—undefeated in November following the 27-21 victory.

Some LSU fans seemed to think that voodoo curses and burning an effigy of Alabama coach Nick Saban at their bonfire would somehow frighten and scare off Alabama fans? And hopefully intimidate the Crimson Tide players? People, please!

Gimmicks don't work, just ask Georgia's coach about his team's "Blackout!" But the Alabama and Georgia Fans had a blast with the blackout.  But burning effigies,and disrespecting a Coach like Saban at the LSU pre-game and game? All poor sportsmanship gets you is simple—it makes the entire fan base, your university, and team look bad. 

Alabama fought the battle for Death Valley and, in overtime, put it in the win column. All the hype, and all the "Who should be No. 1" by the reporters, sportscasters, etc. mean absolutely nothing to the Tide faithful. Because there is one simple thing: You cannot take away the wins, you cannot steal the "glass slippers." The Prince has come and his name is Saban. Alabama Football is back in the race, winning and being responsible players and coaches. My hat's off to all of you. Gentlemen all.

God bless Saban, his family, and all the coaches and their families. God bless all the Crimson Tide players and their families. And God bless the University of Alabama, the USA, our President-elect, and even the outgoing President. And God bless LSU, and coach Les Miles. You are a credit to your team, coach Miles. Do not let negative people get you down.

Roll Tide, Roll...Merry Christmas from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, where the Crimson Tide rolled home as victors.

Hey Rashad Johnson, you get the Crimson Tea Cakes this week. Roll Tide, Roll.