Melina, Gail Kim and Other Divas Are Victims of Inequality Within the WWE

Jacob WaringAnalyst IIIAugust 5, 2011

As I bet many of you have now have heard, two talented female wrestlers were future endeavored from the WWE.

Melina was never the most popular Diva on the roster in the eyes of the fans, due to her personal sexual life being controversial and stating she should have been featured at WrestleMania instead of Trish stratus.

Gail Kim, on the other hand, is universally liked by nearly all WWE fans. We know she can wrestle better then the majority of the Divas, and I bet she could probably wrestled better then most of the men on the roster.  She barely ever got any in-ring time during the main shows, and the creative team has allowed her talents to go to waste.

So I'm going to state the obvious, as the obvious has been sugarcoated to the point where some fans believed it's untrue. All Divas are victims of inequality! Divas have less time to wrestle in the ring, and have only one championship to wrestle for, while the men have five. The WWE even makes it appear that the Divas can't wrestle when they probably were not trained as much as their male counterparts and never have enough time in the ring to show fans they can.

The sad and disturbing fact is the Divas are mainly still used as eye candy for the teenage-adult male demographic. We may not see any authority figure making out and groping a diva, or making her bark like a dog for the world to see. We don't even have Divas featured in Playboy anymore. So the WWE has improved in showing their Divas in a better respectful manner, but they still have a long way to go.

We all remember the Piggie James storyline, which had Laycool call Mickie James fat when she not. Vickie Guerrero was the butt of many fat jokes and has lost a lot of weight over the years, to the point of even looking sexy in my eyes. Now we are subjected with Kelly Kelly being accused of being too thin, when the Bella Twins are basically as skinny as her.

I understand that it's just all storylines, but we never seen another wrestler accuse John Cena of using steroids. We never seen anyone try to bully the Big Show for his weight. None of the wrestlers tried to bully the second-third generation superstars for getting by due to their father's legacy. It's always seems like the Divas get the tasteless storylines that are insulting or based on jealously.

I am damn sick of having to be subjected to the Divas not being given the same respect as the males. If some don't have the best in-ring skills, then the WWE should be aggressive with training them till they are at the levels of their male-counterparts. They should have two Divas matches and two male matches with the fifth either being for a main-event match or promo segment, fairly diving the shows up to allow equal in-ring time. 

This is NOT rocket science people, as the issues with the Divas division can be fixed easily, but because they are not given the same respect as the males, the issues will be persistent. The WWE has no excuses as the state of the Divas division should not be the mess that it is today, when a decade ago, they had the same match-time and respect as in-ring competitors with only the sec-icons statuses being the issue.

Historically speaking, women have always seem to get the short stick, as they had to fight for the same rights that men have, when it should have been equal. It took the women's suffrage movement in order to earn the right to vote. Even in the work force, women in worldwide have to break the "glass ceiling," which is tough, considering it can be as hard as a brick wall. Women still get paid less then men in the majority of jobs.

It's unfortunate that two talented workers in Melina and Gail Kim are gone from the WWE, as it effects the Divas division in a profound way. What's even more unfortunate is the division won't be equal, in respect to the males, for the foreseeable future.

Barack Obama once stated, "I know my country has not perfected itself. At times, we've struggled to keep the promise of liberty and equality for all of our people. We've made our share of mistakes, and there are times when our actions around the world have not lived up to our best intentions."

The WWE has made mistakes with the Divas division, and has struggled to maintain the image that their female workers are sexy, powerful and intelligent, as always seems to single out the sexy aspect. Our actions by our male fans have not improve things, as males want to see Divas as eye candy more then wrestling sometimes, and I hope that mindset is in the minority!

Maybe one day things will be equal in the WWE, but I fear it'll ages before that happens, though I'll keep hope and rebel against the stereotypical image of the Divas. As that is the most I can do and that any decent fan should do!