WWE: The Top 10 Most Hilarious Things We've Witnessed on WWE NXT

PS SinghCorrespondent IIIAugust 6, 2011

WWE: The Top 10 Most Hilarious Things We've Witnessed on WWE NXT

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    Hey Bleachers, my name is PS Singh and this slideshow lists then 10 most hilarious moments/segments we've witnessed on WWE's D-show, NXT.

    For those of you who don't know what NXT is, it's a semi-reality show that debuted last year in February. Each respective season (there have been five so far) features eight wrestlers who have been given the chance by WWE to earn a spot on the main WWE roster.

    Each contestant is given a mentor or "pro" from the main roster whose job it is to teach his/her rookie about being a WWE Superstar.

    The winner of the competition is awarded a WWE contract and a guaranteed title shot at any WWE-owned title (although that promise means nothing, as Kaitlyn and Johnny Curtis would tell you).

    Unfortunately, the show ended up a failure. Trust me, its former commentators Michael Cole and Josh Matthews can attest to that. Honestly, the only watchable seasons were one and two (somewhat).

    That's because after those, Vince lost all interest in the show, and subsequently, so did everyone else. I myself have not actually watched the show since it stopped airing on television last year.

    But while the show was and is terrible, it has given us quite a few hilarious moments and segments, most of which were unintentional.

    However, while much of the hilarity can be attributed to the epic failures of the rookies throughout the show, we can thank the commentators as well (Josh Matthews, Michael Cole and for one episode, CM Punk). You'll see why later.

    Hope you enjoy...

10. Kaitlyn Clotheslining a Speed Bag (Season 3)

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    Kaitlyn's first appearance on this list, and I can assure you, it will not be her last.

    There's not much to say here. Basically, the challenge was to punch the bag harder than the other rookies.

    However, Kaitlyn—apparently under the impression that the machine was going to take a bump—decided to really show off her incredible wrestling skills by hitting the machine with a running clothesline. Funny stuff.

9. Kaval Trying to Rap (Season 2)

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    Apparently, WWE Creative believes that if a certain gimmick works for one wrestler, it's bound to work for  all the others as well.

    Which is why they decided to make NXT Season Two rookie, Kaval, into a John Cena-esque rapper for one segment of the show.

    I suppose Kaval's rap wasn't really that bad—it was actually kind of funny—but I'm pretty sure the TNA reference at the end was what killed any hope he could have had for a good career in WWE.

8. Michael Cole Gongs NXT (Season 3)

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    I never thought I'd say this, seeing as I'm not exactly a Coleminer, but Michael Cole's commentating with Josh Matthews was actually the most entertaining thing about NXT Season Three (except for that one episode where CM Punk announced for the show).

    After weeks of constant complaining about the the sheer stupidity of the entire show—as well as making fun of it with his partner Josh Matthews—Michael Cole finally decided that he had had enough and decided to tell us all exactly how he felt about NXT, worked shoot style.

    He got everyone's attention by repeatedly banging a gong before he insulted the wannabe-divas, Matt Striker and everyone in the audience, stating that except for him and Matthews, everyone in the arena should be "gonged."

7. Titus O'Neil Barks Like a Dog (Season 2)

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    Remember in 2001, when Vince McMahon made Trish Stratus get on her hands and knees and bark like a dog? Well this was in no way like that.

    Basically, here you had a big, angry black man, literally barking like a dog at another man, because his pro Zack Ryder told him to. Moral of this story—don't ever let Zack Ryder teach anyone again. EVER.

    And by the way, what the hell was up with that bark? I swear it gave me nightmares.

6. Michael Cole Falls Asleep (Season 3)

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    Michael Cole did have his share of funny moments on NXT Season Three, but in my opinion, nothing beats the segment where Cole actually falls asleep in the middle of a "riveting" arm-wrestling competition.

    Why bother to show actual wrestling? Everybody knows that arm-wrestling is what people really pay to see.

    Josh Matthews was left to call the rest of the segment, until Cole woke up and asked where they were, right before the segment ended.

5. Titus O'Neil, "Make It a Win" (Season 2)

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    Here we have NXT Season Two rookie, Titus O'Neil, cutting perhaps one of the worst promos in the history of the show.

    He started off with some crap that I can't remember, before ending his epic promo with these words of wisdom: "If you want to fight, make it a fight. And if you want to win, make it a win."

    Inspirational stuff. Ric Flair has got nothing on this guy.

4. Kaitlyn vs. Maxine (Season 3)

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    If you want to find the definition of botchamania, look no further than this match between NXT Rookies Kaitlyn and Maxine. If you haven't seen it yet, I recommend it for two things:

    1. The hilarious commentary.

    2. It really makes you appreciate John Cena and Miz's wrestling ability a lot more by comparison (just a joke, no need to bury me Cenation and Mizfits).

    Honestly though, this may have been the worst match in WWE history—but I found it a lot easier to laugh than to b**** about it.

3. CM Punk on Commentary (Season 3)

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    Basically, if you add CM Punk to any show, segment or angle, it automatically becomes 10 times more entertaining.

    That statement rang true even for the abysmal Season Three of NXT, when CM Punk was brought in for one episode to be the special guest ring announcer.

    Punk was hilarious in this position, and honestly made this the best episode of NXT Season 3. If you don't believe me, by all means, watch the video.

    Unfortunately, Punk would not return after this, hence the reason I stopped watching.

2. Eli Cottonwood's Mustache Promo (Season 2)

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    Ironically, the only thing that the seven-foot-tall monster Eli Cottonwood will ever be remembered for in WWE is the god-awful "Mustache" promo he cut on Season Two.

    He started this abomination by giving us the definition of a mustache. He then stated that neither he, nor any of the NXT Rookies had mustaches...although he, Michael McGillicutty and Percy Watson clearly did.

    But then he remembered that he actually did have a mustache, so he went on to say that only real men had mustaches and in a few days, he would have a big, full mustache to showcase his manliness.

    Soooo, does he have a mustache or not?

1. The Genesis of McGillicutty (Season 2)

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    If you thought Eli Cottonwood's Mustache promo was bad, just wait 'til you see the now-famous "Genesis of McGillicutty" promo cut by Mr. Perfect's son, Joe Hennig.

    First of all though, I want to know who the hell had the idea to give him the name Michael McGillicutty? Seriously, would it have been that bad to just call him Joe Hennig?

    Anyway, it's probably for the best that they didn't let him have his father's legendary name, especially not after that train wreck of a promo.

    But seriously, the two funniest things about it were Michael trying to look all intimidating after he cut the promo and Michael Cole asking, "Can we hear from the winner now?"

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