DJ's NBA Power Poll: Lakers and Jazz Look Like Title Contenders

Dustin JohnsonCorrespondent INovember 8, 2008

One and a half weeks into the season and the NBA landscape is starting to take shape.  Only three teams are left undefeated so far: Los Angeles Lakers, Utah Jazz and the Atlanta Hawks...? Yeah I know not expected.

Two teams are still out of the win column in the Wizards and the Clippers. This promises to be an exciting season and I personally can't wait to be for the rest of it to unfurl.

  1.  Los Angeles Lakers 4-0 (2): Kobe and the gang have started right where they left off as Western Conference title favorites. LA looks solid on both the offensive and defensive ends.
  2. Utah Jazz 5-0 (3): The absence of Deron Williams has done nothing to slow the Jazz thanks to Carlos Boozer and the Jazz bench. Utah's defense is allowing only 88 points per game 3rd best in the NBA.
  3. Boston Celtics 5-1 (1): Lone loss to Indiana Pacers  is the only thing between Boston and the top spot.
  4. Atlanta Hawks 4-0 (19): That's right people the Hawks are 4-0. And no they weren't playing a soft schedule. They beat Orlando, Toronto, Philly, and New Orleans.
  5. Cleveland Cavaliers 5-2 (5): King James still rules on his own court. Cavs are 3-0 at home.
  6. New Orleans Hornets 4-2 (4): Chris Paul continues to lead this team. He is scoring 21.4 ppg and dishing out 11.4 apg.
  7. Detroit Pistons 4-1 (7): I have the feeling that the trade for Allen Iverson just won't work out like expected. Pistons still look like a top team in the Eastern Conference.
  8. Houston Rockets 4-2 (10): The Rockets are rocking the 4th best defense in the league. It still remains to be seen whether or not they can stay healthy all year long.
  9. Phoenix Suns 5-2 (8): Amare Stoudemire is an animal. Kinda like Shaq used to be. The Suns have to rely on outscoring their opponents though.
  10. Orlando Magic 4-2 (13): Dwight Howard continues his 20/10 ways leading the Magic once again in the direction of the playoffs.
  11. Toronto Raptors 3-2 (9): Started off the season strong but have faltered a little with consecutive losses to Atlanta and Detroit.
  12. Denver Nuggets 2-3 (16): As bad as the Marcus Camby trade was the trade for Chauncey Billups was just as good. This team should thrive now with a distributor at PG.
  13. Portland Trailblazers 3-3 (12): Even without Oden Portland has beaten both Houston and San Antonio. Rudy Fernandez has looked excellent so far this season.
  14. Miami Heat 3-3 (15): This team has a great future ahead with the combination of Wade, Beasley, and Chalmers.
  15. Dallas Mavericks 2-3 (14): My faith is still failing in these Mavericks but Jason Kidd may just be able to lead them into the playoffs.
  16. Memphis Grizzlies 3-3 (28): A bunch of young kids with a lot of talent may lead to a bright future. The future is not now however.
  17. Chicago Bulls 3-4 (18): Derrick Rose looks like a strong Rookie of the Year candidate already.
  18. Milwaukee Bucks 3-4 (21): Second round pick Ramon Sessions is helping the Bucks win some games and his chances at ROY.
  19. Indiana Pacers 2-3 (24): This is Danny Granger's team and you better know it because Boston does now.
  20. San Antonio Spurs 1-4 (6): First Ginobili now Parker these Spurs are looking older and older by the game.
  21. New Jersey Nets 2-3 (23): Only one reason to they moved up. They beat the Pistons.
  22. Philadelphia 76ers 2-4 (11): Have yet to live up to expectations since acquiring Elton Brand.
  23. Golden State Warriors 2-4 (20): Stephen Jackson, Correy Maggette, and Andris Biedrins are the hopes for Warriors fans this year.
  24. Charlotte Bobcats 2-3 (27): Quality wins against Miami and New Orleans may mean further upswing to come.
  25. New York Knicks 3-2 (30): Nate Robinson just maybe one of the leaders for Sixth Man of the Year.
  26. Sacramento Kings 2-4 (25): Kevin Martin and recent victories over the Timberwolves and Grizzlies are the only thing that moved this team up.
  27. Minnesota Timberwolves 1-4 (26): Not much hope here as lone win came against the Kings.
  28. Oklahoma City Thunder 1-4 (29): Their only win came against the Timberwolves. Kevin Durrant needs some serious help.
  29. Washington Wizards 0-5 (22): The wiz are the worst defenders in the league so far giving up a rotund 109 points per game.
  30. Los Angeles Clippers 0-6 (17): Billy Crystal must be crying at night when he thinks about the Clipper offense. That's right it's the worst in the league at 84 points per game.