WWE: Why Were Melina, Vladimir Kozlov and Others Fired Today?

Jacob ForresterCorrespondent IAugust 5, 2011

We all knew it was coming. We were shocked when it did not happen after WrestleMania—or at least much sooner than today, August 5th—but it finally did.

The WWE spri—summer cleaning.

So, why now? Well, I think it can be boiled down to three things.

The first is Gail Kim's quitting. She was tired of the disrespect and the way she was being used, and she finally decided enough was enough.

Her leaving, I think, was perfect cover for the WWE to cut everyone they had been thinking of letting go. Everything just lined up for them to make the firings.

The second thing is the large group of wrestlers that will soon hit the main roster. Johnny Curtis is set to debut next week, Andy Leavine is debuting soon, and Brodus Clay and Sin Cara are getting back on television soon enough.

Also, WWE NXT has a handful of talents worthy of the main roster, from Bryon Saxton to Darren Young to Titus O'Neil.

Furthermore, the WWE has Averno and a half dozen FCW wrestlers that will be fast risers, like Xavier Woods (Consequences Creed), Seth Rollins (Tyler Black), and Richie Steamboat (son of Ricky Steamboat), and the Kings of Wrestling are set to get on television soon enough

Finally, I think it is part of the regime change.

I know some may say there was no regime change, but it doesn't matter. HHH has gained some new influence with his role of COO, so it was only logical for him to say that some people needed to leave. His new influence probably led to their being released, to make room on Superstars for those that HHH prefers.

I hope that all of these moves are for the best, and I hope to see Gail Kim with TNA soon.

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