UFC 133 Fight Card: Why Chad Mendes Is the Biggest Threat to Jose Aldo

Dale De Souza@@DaleDeSouzaMMAAnalyst IAugust 4, 2011

Ah, the man that is Chad "Money" Mendes—a top dog that has yet to be thrown a bone.

He's an aggressive, hard-hitting featherweight from Team Alpha Male who has some strong wrestling and an unrelenting offense from just about anywhere.

Not only is he one of the more exciting wrestlers to watch, but he also has an unblemished record that recently claimed Michihiro Omigawa at UFC 126 en route to another claim towards the UFC Featherweight Championship.

He's a dominant featherweight who has the tools to dethrone Jose Aldo; he's a man who might be in the mix once again if he defeats Rani Yahya at UFC 133...

...And yet, it's Kenny Florian who is seen as the bigger threat.

Florian shows off a good jiu-jitsu background, deadly elbows and sharp technical striking, along with a good takedown offense and a decent top game, and yet people are saying he will be the biggest threat to Aldo.

Now if that's on the basis of him being just a finisher, I might get it, but what's Florian's track record in "the fights"?

Yes, he's beaten Clay Guida and Diego Nunes; yes, he's beaten Takanori Gomi; and yes, he's beaten the likes of Joe Stevenson and Roger Huerta.

However, when he had to take on Sean Sherk, he seemed to not be in the fight, although he definitely stepped in the cage.

Against BJ Penn at UFC 101, he again did not seem to show up mentally, and he paid for it dearly.

Heck, his performance against Gray Maynard was as uninspiring as Maynard's performance was, and that was before anyone cared about Gray Maynard!

Mendes is primed and prepped for the big time, and with what he does bring to the table as well as the improvements he's always making to his game, he presents a threat that would be legitimately tough for Aldo to overcome because Aldo's never had to deal with as strong a wrestler as Mendes before.

Urijah Faber is the closest to such a thing, but even Faber had trouble trying to successfully mount a significant offense on Aldo.

Florian presents a little bit of everything Aldo has faced previously, but there's nothing unique that makes him stand out from anyone else Aldo has faced and defeated.

That just leaves Mendes, an overlooked young fighter who could prove to be Aldo's perfect foil.

Don't believe it?

Watch what he does to Rani Yahya, and then tell me I'm wrong.