CFL: Commisioner Marc Cohon a Running Joke From a Cohen Brothers Movie

Joel LefevreAnalyst INovember 8, 2008

A few weeks ago Troy Polamalu said that the NFL is a pansy league.  While Troy may have a valid argument, he may have gotten the NFL confused with the CFL.  They say that attitude reflects leadership and the Canadian Football League is living proof of this statement and it starts at the top with CFL commissioner Marc Cohon. 

Since taking over as CFL commissioner he has been anything short of assertive, competent, and has next to never laid down the law about anything. 

I know its the CFL and budgets are tight but really this is starting to get ridiculous.  I was all for having video review in the league but by putting money into that did we have to have an entire crew of officials that are completely incompetent and can't tell a simple offside from a blatant procedure call. 

Don't get me wrong I am all for letting the players play and decide he game, but you can't let everything go like seemed to be the case in the Winnipeg Blue Bombers-Edmonton Eskimos game, you start to wonder who is paying these guys?  The Esks were holding onto the Bombers D lineman so much that you would have thought they were slipping off a building and gripping for dear life. 

There were several missed pass interference calls, a clear incomplete pass that was ruled a fumble and luckily was overturned and a late helmet shot on Stegall that was not flagged after the fact. 

Yes you have to let them play, but when the league during the season backs off and doesn't take action on cheap shots teams use that to they're advantage and rightfully so.  If knew I could hit someone in the head at full speed and not get tossed from the game or even get suspended Id to it too to help my team. 

I understand being an official is a tough job but you have to be fair and you have to know the rules.  There were several times where the officials missed the Esks o-line moving and not flagged and the one time Haywood gets drawn offside they call Haywood.

When you can get away with putting a guy in a headlock several times (like what happened to Gavin Walls) and you flag the defensive guy for just trying to push him off you know you are in a pansy league.  

I am not saying any of those calls would have changed the outcome of the game, but the time has come for Marc Cohon to take action for mistakes that are made and to be firmer with they're disciplinary.  People who play in this league are laughing because you can do whatever the hell you want, this is like the days of Paul Tagliabue as NFL commissioner, where you can say and do anything. 

This has become a league where guys can take free shots at quarterbacks (ie Barrenchea on Kevin Glenn) and get a slap on the wrist with a 1000 fine and no suspension.  This is a league where refs are allowed to make racial slurs at players and not have any disciplinary action and all the CFL and Cohon and company can say is that they're afraid the players association will appeal and overturn it. 

Who gave the players association creative control on who gets the fines the suspensions and everything else? When a coach challenges a play and it's overturned is it because the players association appealed the call?  If someone breaks the law will the players association get to appeal it and get them out of jail.

While Cohon and the CFL insists they are cracking down and there will be zero tolerance for hits on the quarterback and blatant cheap shots, it is far too late to do anything.  The reputation of the Canadian Football League is rapidly diminishing and taking action now and saying they will get it next time is unacceptable and an absolute joke. 

If the CFL controlled hockey, Todd Bertuzzi would have gotten off the hook with a simple spanking and a forced promise to never do that again.  This league that has been so exciting and has been a cultural institution for Canada for over a century has been scarred by these people at the top of the CFL who are ruining what was once a great game