Fedor Emelianenko: Can the Russian Legend's Career Be Resurrected?

Sal DeRoseCorrespondent IAugust 8, 2011

News today surfaced that Fedor Emelianenko will not be retiring from MMA after his third consecutive loss when Dan Henderson knocked him out just a week ago.

Fedor has a loyal fanbase willing to do whatever it takes to defend the greatest heavyweight of all-time. But now that loyal fanbase should realize something—his career can not be resurrected after this loss to Henderson.

The big thing that tears down Fedor's legacy is the fact that he has fought mostly cans in Japan. When coming over to the United States, Fedor has seemed to lose a step.

Three straight losses to Fabricio Werdum, Antonio Silva and now Henderson have helped lead to Fedor's cut from Strikeforce.

Now who is left for Fedor?

The answer to that is no one. Now Fedor's next move will almost certainly be a return to fighting in Russia or fighting in Japan. Just what Fedor needs, more cans to beat.

It is a lose-lose situation for "The Last Emperor". If he beats his next opponent people will still use the fact that it is yet another can on Fedor's resume. If he loses, it just gives his detractors another reason to say he isn't the greatest fighter—let alone heavyweight—of all-time.

There is only one way for Fedor to get back the glory and aura that once surrounded him—fighting in the UFC.

After watching his last few fights Fedor most likely can't hang with some of the top UFC heavyweights. But, pulling off a win inside the UFC is much better for his career than pulling off a win in an M-1 Global fight in Russia against a man who is probably going to be one of Russia's top professional wrestlers.

All in all, Fedor's career seems to be in the graveyard and buried six feet under right now. If he wants to zombify his career and bring it back to life, he needs to fight—and win—inside the UFC.

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