Carl Edwards Engaged; Will He Be the Bridesmaid in Nationwide and Cup Series?

Mary Jo BuchananSenior Writer INovember 8, 2008

Carl Edwards recently joined the ranks of the soon to be betrothed by proposing to Dr. Kate Downey, a young woman he has known since high school. 

In his typical "aw shucks" fashion, Cousin Carl has shared his excitement about his upcoming nuptials with just about anyone who will listen.

While Edwards looks forward to planning his big event, he may, however, be destined to be the bridesmaid in both the Cup and Nationwide series this year.

Last week in Texas, Edwards won the Dickies 500 Cup race, taking a huge fuel mileage gamble.  He knew that he had to take a risk in order to try to keep Cup points leader Jimmie Johnson in his sights.

After securing his eighth win of the Cup season, Edwards completed his signature back flip and was ebullient in Victory Lane. 

But his bubble was quickly burst as he was told that in spite of struggling all race long, Jimmie Johnson ended up in 15th, still 106 points ahead of Edwards going into this weekend's race in Phoenix.

In tonight’s Nationwide race, Carl Edwards drove his guts out to win the Hefty Odor Block 200 at Phoenix International Raceway. He barely held off Denny Hamlin in the green, white checkered finish.

Yet again, Carl drove his winning race car to Victory Lane, after executing another gold medal back flip.  And for yet another time, Edwards learned that his nemesis in the Nationwide points battle, Clint Bowyer, had battled back from a devastating wreck on a restart to finish in the fourth position.

While Edwards secured his sixth win in the Nationwide series and gained 35 points in the championship race, he still now lags 56 points behind Bowyer going into the final race at Homestead for the coveted championship prize.

In both series, it now appears that both Jimmie Johnson and Clint Bowyer, respectively, will have to have troubles in order for Carl Edwards to end up in the position of champion in either venue. 

In the Nationwide series finale, Carl would have to win and Bowyer would have to finish ninth or worse at Homestead in order for Carl to be on the championship dais.

In the Cup series, tomorrow's race in Phoenix will tell the tale of just how much of a margin Edwards will have to overcome to snatch the Sprint Cup out of the clutches of Jimmie Johnson in the Homestead finale.

So, will Edwards be destined to be just a bridesmaid in both the Cup and Nationwide series this year?  Or will he not only get to stand at the altar with Dr. Downey but on stage at the Waldorf Astoria?

Only time will tell if Edwards will get to wear the white dress or just be holding the bouquet.

 Photo Credit:  LaDon George/NASCAR Scene.