WWE Breaking News: The Rock Returning to WWE in 2012?

George NolanAnalyst IAugust 4, 2011

It looks the WWE Universe might be able to see more frequent appearances from The Rock come next year.

According to PWTorch.com, Vince McMahon confirmed in a teleconference call with investors today that The Rock will be making more appearances following Wrestlemania 28.

Regarding The Rock's involvement with WWE prior to WrestleMania 28 next year, McMahon said WWE has "multiple PPVs lined up with Rock."

Rock has already advertised himself for Survivor Series in November and McMahon's comment hinted at additional PPV appearances prior to WrestleMania in April 2012.

While it is way too early to speculate over what Vinnie Mac has lined up with The Rock, more frequent appearances would be a good thing for The Great One. There have been some criticizing him for his sporadic appearances when the WWE chose to hype about a match between him and John Cena for next year's Wrestlemania a year in advance.

While it seemed as if The Rock hinted he would be more involved with the WWE in the buildup to Wrestlemania 27 earlier in the year, it looks like he still has his focus on his movie career as he is involved in several movie projects that will surface in theaters next year.

Personally, I'm not sure how well Dwayne Johnson could balance more frequent involvement with the WWE if he is also juggling his movie career. I have my concerns that he may be a bit over his head if he thinks he can commit to both causes.

The Rock has accomplished all that he could within the WWE and has moved on to getting more money than he could make under Vinnie Mac with a fairly successful Hollywood career.

While his appearances leading up to Wrestlemania 27 were a great sight to see as he is still better at cutting promos than the majority of the current WWE roster, I'm not sure if Dwayne can juggle both pro wrestling and acting.

Do you think The Rock is capable of juggling a career in Hollywood with more frequent involvements with the WWE or do you think he might be in over his head?