Hanz HeiligmannContributor INovember 8, 2008


America elected a Bears fan president this week.  Hundreds of thousands of Bears faithful danced in the streets. If you are not from the midwest, and havent witnessed it, the Bears-Packers rivalry is one of the best in sport.  They HATE each other!  Here is a great excerpt from an article written by Jay Sorgi.......I have to share it......

"Obama at Packers' White House Reception?

What calms my mind, though, is one particular idea.

Imagine what he would have to suffer through if the Packers win a Super Bowl during his administration.

Imagine the embarrassment he would feel in having to invite the Packers, the root of all evil in the minds of most immediately south of the Wisconsin border, to a White House ceremony honoring the best team in football.

What would he say? I'm sure he'd comment about the community-owned structure of the team being something unique and special, which it genuinely is.

I'm also sure he'd be as cordial and Presidential as he would with any other team, shaking Aaron Rodgers' $65,000,000 throwing hand and receiving an "Obama #1" Packers jersey.

But inside, he'd grumble, and he'd have the desire to make Rodgers' hand crumble in his grip.

He would probably have a smirk that might just give an inkling to his grudging cordiality with a Cheesehead world champion in his orange-and-blue White House.

And as a Packers fan, I would love it.".....

Awesome!  Any one ever heard what people in Wisconsin call residents of Illinois?  FIBS figure it out!   So if you voted for Mcain you logically become a new Packer fan!  GO PACK GO!!!!

It's OK, though....he's Not a Cubs Fan!!!!

Obama has been public with his love of the Chicago White Sox, the Cubs' true civic arch-enemy. Anything that's bad for the Cubs is good for Wisconsin.......FIBS !!!!