Ranking the SEC's Most Annoying Fanbases

Bob ZenContributor IIIAugust 5, 2011

Ranking the SEC's Most Annoying Fanbases

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    Every team’s fanbase has good fans, bad fans and downright annoying fans.  This list acknowledges that and tries to take the base as a whole. 

    I am ranking the teams based on my personal experience with them in a football environment and in real life. 

    If this list strikes you the wrong way, well as they say, when you throw a rock into a pack of dogs, the one that yelps is likely the one that you hit.

12) Drop Your Drawers for the Commodores

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    This saying is often heard in the beautiful city of Nashville, TN, home of the Vanderbilt Commodores.  Never has there been a more humble fanbase than the lowly Commodores. 

    I don’t know if it is there above average IQ’s or the fact that they know that when they graduate, they’ll be making boat loads of money, but I’ve found them to be on average some of the nicest people that you’ll ever meet.

11) Next Up Are the Ole Miss Rebels

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    How can one be annoying in that setting?  Between the beauty of the Grove and the beauty of their co-eds the fans at Ole Miss are downright hospitable.  It’s like the old South lives again in Oxford. 

    Cruise the Grove on gameday and you’ll be invited to sit down at one tailgate site after another.  They will greet you with hospitality that the South made famous, offer you some food and hand you a mint julep.

10) The Kentucky Wildcats

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    Although they have a great tradition as a basketball school, their football program has kept them grounded and relatively low on the annoying scale.  They do rank pretty high on the, "We love our team" scale, sporting stickers and car flags year round. 

    The taste of fine whiskey and the Kentucky Derby keeps them occupied most of the rest of the year and keeps the annoyance factor low.

9) Coming in at No. 9 Are the Arkansas Razorbacks

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    Even with their recent relative success, making it to the SEC Championship game three times in 19 years, they are still humble in their manor and quite amiable on gameday. 

    If it weren’t for the hog calls, they might rank even lower.

8) Cow Bells, That’s What Puts Miss St at No. 8 on My Ranking.

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    A lot of teams have a hard time filling a SEC worthy stadium, but Miss St. has chosen to improve their home-field advantage by arming their fans with noise makers. 

    It’s a fun tradition if you’re watching it on TV, but standing in the middle of thousands of fans ringing them incessantly, it makes you want to grab some ear plugs.

7) The Bayou Bengals Make the List at No. 7

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    If this were based solely on gameday, I would have to rank them higher.  This is a rank in totality however and sober and outside of Baton Rouge, I have found LSU fans to be very nice. 

    In the stadium, especially a night game when they have had the opportunity to spend all day getting liquored up, there isn’t a more raucous crowd to be found.

6) The Vols of Tennessee

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    I’ve had the opportunity to visit Neyland Stadium for a rivalry game and man does it bring out the worst in the people from Tennessee. 

    I’ve been spit on by little kids and faced a stare down by a particularly drunk and ornery fellow a few rows from me.  If it weren’t for the hobnail boots that I was wearing that day, I think he might have offered to fight me after the game. 

    Luckily David Greene saved the day and he sulked back to his backwoods home to sleep off his drunken stupor.  Like LSU, if this were a ranking of only game day experience they would top the list. 

    Their saving grace is that I’ve also interacted with them outside of Neyland and can say that they are almost without exception some of the nicest people that you will ever meet.  I count as friends many Tennessee fans and would do anything for them as they would for me.

5) The Auburn Tigers Start the Top 5

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    Living in the same state as Alabama, more on them later, it is hard to not have an attitude just to keep up.  This has only been made worse by their recent success. 

    Hopefully after the Cam Newton saga is over and their championship is stripped away, they will tone it down some but right now their annoying factor is at an all-time high. 

    Bama fans would tell you that their annoying factory has been at an all-time high for a while, but that’s what "Fear the Thumb" T-shirts will do for you. 

    The only redeeming factor that I can come up with is that they are not Bama.

4) My Georgia Bulldogs

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    Yes, I am not so much of a Disney Dawg that I can’t admit to the fact that the Bulldog fans can be quite annoying, especially around game time. 

    I have witnessed on many an occasion groups fans barking mercilessly at opposing fans as they try to usher their small children safely back to their cars.  Ask a South Carolina or Tech fan and you will hear stories of throwing babies out of the stadium and pelting opposing fans with empty whiskey bottles.  

    We also have shown a great disrespect for our own campus by littering it to the point where our president had to almost shut down tailgating in one section. 

    Combine that with the fact that outside of the early 2000s, we haven’t really been relevant in football sense Vince stopped roaming the sidelines, and you’ve got an annoyance factor worthy of a top-five ranking.

3) As We Enter the Home Stretch, I Offer Up the Gamecocks of South Carolina

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    They have been to exactly one SEC Championship game, and yet year in and year out, they start the season as world beaters ready to set the SEC on fire. 

    Luckily for them, a freshman running back and a down SEC East allowed them that glimpse of what greatness feels like and they have taken to it like a duck to water. 

    Their annoyance factor is off the charts, and it will likely last until the Ole Ball Coach decides to leave or Lattimore heads off to the NFL, whichever comes first. 

    Until then we must put up with them lurking in the chat boards and sports column comment sections spewing about their newfound greatness.

2) At No. 2 I Offer Up Alabama

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    How can you not be annoying after running roughshod over the SEC and most of college football during the Bear Bryant era?  To this day, dogs, kids and even cats in Alabama are named after their greatest coach. 

    With the hiring of Nick Saban, Alabama has seen a renaissance in their program and in their lofty attitude.  Nick is a perfect fit for Bama.  His arrogance and, "I’m going to cheat, and you can’t stop me" ways would make Bear proud. 

    Only in Alabama can you see a fist fight at a family reunion because an Auburn fan insulted the cousin/wife of a Bama fan by telling her that her one remaining tooth is crooked.  Roll Tide Roll.

1) It Should Be No Surprise to You That the Gators of Florida Top This List

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    Never has an SEC fanbase been more annoying that the Florida Gators. 

    Starting in 1990 with the arrival of Steven Orr Spurrier, they have won three national championships and eight SEC Championships.  They have also put quite a licking on my Bulldogs. 

    Unlike the Tennessee fans who outside of the stadium are very likable, the average Gator fan speaks and acts as if he owns the world of football and we should bow down to his greatness. 

    They somehow forget that football wasn’t invented in the '90s and that there are many teams, with longer and better football traditions.  Remind them of the overall record that Georgia has over Florida, and they will scoff and point to their current record. 

    Show them the overall records of truly great teams, like Michigan, Texas or Notre Dame, and they turn a blind eye insisting that those stats don’t matter.  It is a what have you done for me lately sport, and lately they have done quite well.