WWE: 10 Things Kelly Kelly Needs To Do To Become an All-Time Great Diva

Giulio Romano@@JayPhoenix77Correspondent IIAugust 4, 2011

WWE: 10 Things Kelly Kelly Needs To Do To Become an All-Time Great Diva

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    It finally happened!

    The Gods of WWE have finally heard one of my prayers and turned Divas Beth Phoenix and Natalya back into bad, bad girls.

    Now, as much as it is wonderful news, one thing remains to be fixed: The Divas Champion right now is Kelly Kelly.

    She is a smart and beautiful woman whose time in the spotlight has come. It is crucial for her to convince us, now more than ever, that she is worthy of carrying the title. With all the competition coming her way very soon, K2 will have all the opportunities possible.

    I would be very excited if I were in her position. Some of the greatest moments of her career are hers for the taking. All she needs to do is take control and accomplish just a few things in order to become one of the greatest Divas of all time.

    The road may be rocky at times, but she was given the ball and must roll with it. Without further delay, here are the objectives she needs to complete. I already believe in her, so let's get on with it.

Keep on Talking, Kelly

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    First things first.

    Kelly Kelly was on commentary this week and I believe if she could have, she would have put that Michael Cole in his place.

    It was nice to see that about her—finally. We need to hear what she has to say through more backstage segments, interviews and color commentary. If only to convince us she ISN'T just another pretty face.

    Come on, K2, speak up! We need to hear your words, Divas Champion.

More Media Appearances

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    I love how Kelly fits so well on magazine covers. How many times have I read about how she is the female counterpart of John Cena?

    If so, then it would seem only natural to see her appear almost everywhere. They say all press is good press. As long as it is not Playboy, Kelly Kelly should try to do a whole lot of covers and add a few guest-appearances on television shows like Jimmy Kimmel or The Talk.

    It would get people talking about her and she could talk about what she does and the division she is part of. I would love to see her show up on the Wendy Williams show. What a great moment that would be.

    Now is the right time for her as well. She is red-hot! Not only physically, but theoretically as well. As champion, she is the focal point of her entire division and therefore the one that needs to "be" at all places.

    We've had her in the Maxim 100 and Celebrity Fit Club—what's else?

    The new era has begun and with this week's events, the Divas division seems to be rising out of the ashes into a new life—and not just because of Beth Phoenix.

Star in Movies

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    I believe in Little Miss Kelly—I really do. Sure my personal favorites are Beth Phoenix and Maryse (for personal reasons beyond their being awesome), but it wasn't a bad choice to put the butterfly on K2.

    In the '90s, she could easily have played in Baywatch or Melrose Place. If we are talking movies, then perhaps a romantic comedy or a blood-gushing horror film—I'm sure she'd play a fine victim. Kelly Rowland did once, why not the Divas champion?

    Maybe it is in her blood. I don't know her and couldn't say, but I can say this: Everyone would be talking about her if she was in a motion picture.

    I would be thrilled if they cast her in the next Mortal Kombat or something like that. An action film alongside Jason Statham or Daniel Craig! What a Bond babe she could be—ouf!

    Even WWE makes movies now. I'm sure Stone Cold wouldn't object if he was in a "scene" with Kelly Kelly. 

Interact with the Top Male Superstars

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    Mickie James did it often while in WWE. 

    The girls say it's a man's world? Then please, ladies, stop playing the victims and go get your piece of the pie. This isn't 1811.

    Funny how my chosen slide video has Randy Orton and Kelly Kelly together. After what he said about her in a recent interview (as reported by Inside Pulse), basically calling her a "whore," I would absolutely love for her to dig up all the courage she has inside and cost him his match at "SummerSlam."

    She seems to be headed for some much needed air time on her own now anyway as the most dominant female on the roster just turned "heel."

    It sounds perfect: Beth Phoenix and CM Punk feuding against Kelly Kelly and John Cena. It doesn't have to be exactly like that, but at least some sort of mingling between the four characters would be nice.

    All the Divas would benefit from some angle with new C.O.O. Triple H. He is the boss and it is time to show him what they can do.  

Develop a Large Arsenal of Moves

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    What do Mickie James, Lita and Trish all have in common? More than three moves and a killer finisher.

    As much as the "K2" and "stinkface" look nice, they aren't serious and don't make a big enough impact. Kelly Kelly is a fine, athletic woman who could perform vast series of techniques if she wanted to. All she has to do is pick up the phone and call up Miss Stratus in order to learn a thing or five.

    I'm sure Chyna has tons of free time to help out a fellow woman. I loved that back-flipping-into-the-corner move Sn00ki used on Michelle McCool at WrestleMania XXVII. I want to see Kelly use that—or maybe even a moonsault.

    The Divas Champion has to step up her game and stand out with her finisher. If I witnessed her jumping from the second or top rope doing a "Macho Man" flying elbow, I would jump for joy. Not only would that be impressive, but it would also be believably destructive.

    Not even Beth Phoenix would "get up" from that one. 

Smiling Is for Outside the Ring...

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    Inside? It is serious business. Kelly Kelly has to develop an edgier personality. She has to start getting mean and vicious. Concentrated but aggressive, like Mickie James is.

    When the challenger comes in the ring, she needs to be on her guard when facing the champion, not "Oh, it's pretty Kelly, that should be easy." I would never turn my head away from Beth Phoenix, Melina or Michelle McCool for one second. If I did, they'd have just won the match.

    Those women mean business. Rosa Mendes? Not so much. Of course they are made to look like that sometimes, but that's just bad booking.

    Maryse may act like a spoiled, vain Diva, but the girl is a black-belt martial artist. Pretty faces like that learn at an early age how to defend themselves well. Kelly Kelly needs to portray something exactly like that—a woman that can kick some ass.

Compete in Various Match Types

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    Most WWE Divas have the will and drive to accomplish anything. Those that don't shouldn't be on the roster.

    We've already had a cage match. Now we need some ladder matches too. "Money In The Bank 2012" needs to have a ladies version. I've said it before and I'll say it again.

    Forget about them not being able to take bumps. There are stylists paid to fix their hair after the match. If you hire some actual athletes to stand toe-to-toe with Kharma, Natalya and Beth Phoenix then the Divas division would become as great as it once was.

    Kelly Kelly needs to be the one to start the trend. Why not? She is the champion, and a young one too. She has lots of time to delve into the world of the uncertain.

    In five years, she will have made it in my mind if I hear things like: "Remember that amazing ladder match K2 had with Melina at the Royal Rumble?" The plus side is, she's barely over 30!

    To be leading a no-fear roster of women willing to risk it all in the name of glory would truly make her one of the all-time greatest Divas to ever live.

Turn Heel During Her Career

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    Just like most great Divas in their time, Kelly Kelly could add a little extra to her character if she would someday turn to the dark side.

    You can only get so far with a one-sided character and people get fed up. Just ask Hulk Hogan and John Cena, who I hope turns in the 2011-12 vicinity. Many great Divas have done it as well. Trish Stratus, Mickie James, Michelle McCool and just recently Beth Phoenix and Natalya, all profited from a turn, whether "face" or "heel."

    No one knows better than her what kind of mean girl she could play. As skeptical as I would be, I would love to see that happen someday. She always has that playful smile—what would happen if it should suddenly stop and she went nuts on somebody?

    It seems natural for a character to grow and evolve that way. The best part is, when she'd turn back, Kelly Kelly would have come full circle and truly been a great Diva.

Fight and Defeat the Best Divas

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    Add slides five, six and seven with this one and you'd have a pretty powerful Divas champion on your hands. All that would remain is defeating the best of the best to ensure you command respect and admiration.

    Kelly Kelly will face Beth Phoenix at "SummerSlam" this year. If WWE is serious about the Divas division like I believe, then expect the "Glamazon" to win and hold on to that title for a while, maybe even until Kharma returns.

    However, in order for K2 to become something serious and amazing, she absolutely needs to beat Beth on the 14th. Is it a guarantee that she so quickly loses the title to her eventually? I'm not so sure.

    Kelly Kelly has already attributed some wins over amazing Divas such as Melina and Michelle McCool. We need to have more of those impressive victories on her career sheet. Back when Kharma was around, I had Kelly Kelly pin her at WrestleMania XXVIII in the most fabulous of upsets ever.

    There must have been a reason why the behemoth continually spared K2 from her wrath.

    That we will never know, but what we do know is this: Beth Phoenix and Natalya are gunning for Kelly Kelly's Divas title and little friend Eve Torres can't save her.

    She will have to outdo herself and think outside the box this time. No more smiling!

Kelly Kelly, the Divas Championship and WrestleMania

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    We haven't seen the Women's/Divas title defended at the big event in over for years! That is NOT right.

    Next year in Miami, I don't care how, but they will make it happen and deliver us a fantastic Divas championship match.

    I nominate Beth Phoenix defending her title against Kelly Kelly. The Glamazon enjoys a long reign, but it finally stops HERE. K2 needs to be in a match at the biggest extravaganza of them all at least once in her career.

    She may have been replaced by Trish Stratus this year, but next year is another story. Since they are so high on her right now, it would seem fitting to place her in ANY match. I just hope she can pick up the pointers I left here and reinvent herself come Mania.

    She has the potential, all she needs is the opportunity to show us all she isn't just another pretty face.

K2 Is on Her Way

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    Divas champion Kelly Kelly is young and luminous. The crowd is on fire when she comes out and with good reason. She possesses an enchanting aura. You cannot do anything but just love her.

    With all the talent around, either in her division or WWE as a whole, K2 has the tools and assistance available at her disposal to become a truly great Diva in her own right. Live and learn I say, it's free.

    Maybe she could be as great as Trish Stratus. Better yet, why doesn't she just call Trish and ask to learn directly from her?

    If done right, Kelly Kelly will have her WrestleMania moment, she will hold the Divas championship on numerous occasions and will ultimately become one of the all-time great female competitors in WWE.

    I believe in you, K2.