Defense vs. Acting: How Offensive Foul Calls Are Ruining the NBA

Francis HContributor INovember 8, 2008

There is nothing more frustrating as a spectator than to see a good offensive play ruined by a terrible "offensive foul" when all the guy did was flop with the slightest bit of contact. I am never a fan of this tactic, being an old school player myself, but then, I am sure, no one is amused by it.

If I may say so myself, the flop was originated by Vlade Divac back in the day when he was guarding Shaquille O'Neal. One back-to-the basket move by Shaq sent Divach flying into the nosebleeds just to get a charge called on Shaq, and as soon as the referee called it, he would just jump right back like nothing happened.

Even though I was for the Kings back then, it would annoy me so much that I hated Divac to his guts. I am sure a bunch of players were doing this before him, but he just perfected it. And this is where the problems start.

Coaches are now telling their centers to try to get into position rather than defend a scorer; it is equally annoying to see centers try to get a charge from point guards...I mean, how can a guy half your size make you flop like pancakes? Are you just that lazy that you would rather do a good acting job then play basketball defense?

I also hate with disgust when a player flops on a passer and the referee still calls it a charge, even though the passer let go of the ball and did not stop the defending player from defending the receiver of the ball.

What also beleaguers me is how the referees are allowing to get fooled by this game after game! I know they tried to change this early last year, but I guess that did not last long enough for the players to adjust.

I wish the referees would stop calling the charges unless it is beyond reasonable doubt that the player actually bulldozed an opponent who was in position when the player HAD an option to turn or move away from the opponent. This will also make it safer for the offensive player because it will eliminate players from sliding under the offensive player while in the air. All of us who played the game know how scary it is to be in the air and someone trips your feet.

In my opinion, we should let the players play and not let the referees be judges on a players acting performance. We are all on the same side here, right?