A Day in the Life of the Average WWE Fan

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A Day in the Life of the Average WWE Fan

The average fan has many qualities.  From passion to loyalty, the fan is what makes the sports world go round.  Without fans, the New York Yankees or New England Patriots would not exist. 

My favorite part about the fan is the rituals each have in their everyday lives.  For example, the Steelers’ have the Terrible Towel, swung in excitement after a play, or just to hold for good luck.  Also, in the fourth quarter, when a big stop is needed by the defense, Renegade by Styx is played to get the players pumped. 

Is it weird that complete strangers give high-fives or break out in hugs when a touchdown is scored?  Not at all, because fans are a universal family member that cheer when good events happen and sob at each sad moment. 

Today I am here to discuss an obscure species, the WWE fan. 

There are WWE fans and the IWC, but I won't get into that.  I don't have the time. 

From the fans of Rocky and Austin to Cena and Orton, WWE fans are all the same.  It's been said before, wrestling fans love a good soap opera and due to the obscurity of a man watching soap operas, they watch wrestling. 

I tend to disagree, because WWE is more than just a soap opera, it's a passion. 

Have you ever wondered what a typical day for a WWE fan is like? 

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