Marloes Coenen, Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos, Gina Carano and the Future of WMMA

Sal DeRoseCorrespondent IAugust 3, 2011

Word today reached the MMA masses signaling that former Strikeforce women's bantamweight (135 lbs) champion, Marloes Coenen would be cut.

With Coenen cut, the 135-lb division for the women in Strikeforce just got a lot thinner. Not to mention Coenen is also a former 145-lb fighter.

With that cut, the future doesn't seem bright for women's MMA. The fight they had on Saturday night seemed to be progressing in the right direction. But now, with the division that much thinner and no real clear-cut fighters for the title after Sarah Kaufman gets her due, women's MMA has suffered a huge blow.

That thought is without adding in the fact that Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos might go to the WWE instead of re-signing with Strikeforce and defending her title. Although to not make this look like a big dark cloud of doom, she does say MMA is her first priority.

Cyborg is arguably the most dominant and most fearsome woman competing in MMA. So without their most exciting fighter, who steps up and takes that stage?

Then it brings us to Gina Carano, the face of women's MMA even though her last fight was in 2009. Being a hot woman and being able to beat you senseless got her the title of the "face of women's MMA."

Carano was supposed to fight in June but had to withdraw as she wasn't medically cleared to fight in Texas.

If Cyborg does go to the WWE and Coenen doesn't get back into Strikeforce, where she will be on TV spreading WMMA to the masses, it seems all but curtains for WMMA.

The last big name for the women is Miesha Tate. With all the developments she has taken over the reigns in guiding WMMA into a successful future.

Personally, I don't like where the future of the women is going. They can put on exciting fights and train as hard if not harder than the men. They have something to prove every time they're out there. They always fight with a chip on their shoulder that they're being overlooked, tossed aside and not well liked by the casual fan.

All in all, if WMMA can't get a hold of all three of these fighters, it is in for a very rough future and could be very close to its demise with thin divisions, champions who barely defend their title and fighters the promotions doesn't push enough to the public.

They say things go bad before they get good, and I know for me, I hope that is a true statement as it doesn't look good for our female counterparts.

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