Top 10 Worst WWE World Champions of all Time

Jonathan ChristianCorrespondent INovember 8, 2008

This is in order of the top 10 worst WWE Champions of all time. I think these guys also made the title belt change. I mean, what if this person never became WWE Champion then how would WWE be today? Better? Worse? The same?

Well anyway, here are the top 10 worst WWE Champions who should never have been WWE Champion or shouldn't have won it many times.


10. Sycho Sid

He is not really in my eyes main event material. He could have won the WWE Title once, but after that no more. He could have been involved in stints for the WWE Title but have someone else win it.

Sycho Sid was an overrated powerhouse and who had multiple bad matches. This guy was not a true WWE Champion.


9.  Yokozuna

Okay, this guy did have good matches, but it still doesn't change the fact he is one of the least favorite former World Champions. He was liked by the fans, but still was not a top former WWE Champ.


8. Chris Jericho

Despite being a great athlete, let's face it, fans change the channel whenever Chris Jericho is the World Champ nowadays.


7. Vince McMahon

Whoever said the Boss cant participate in matches?Yeah Uh! nobody so Vince put himself in a match, which kinda makes him one of the worst WWE Champions ever.

He didn't completely earn his spot but put himself there...besides, who is going to tell this man no...unless if you want to be fired!


6. JBL

I hate the fact that Ted DiBiase (The Million Dollar Man, not the current Ted DiBiase) was never given a WWE Title belt and JBL was.

I mean, JBL was at his best on Smackdown as WWE Champion, but then again, the odd push of a former APA Tag Team beer drinking Hardcore and Tag Team Title guy is odd.


5. Kane

Kane is not a bad wrestler, but the reason why the Big Red Monster made the list is because of how long he kept the belt. He should have kept the belt at least six months (notice the number 6 means evil and could connect perfectly).

Kane wasn't a bad champion in his less then 24 hours of fame as WWE Champion. Kane could have been better even if he held the title for a month.


4. Ultimate Warrior

He was probably one of the most hated WWE Champions ever. He didn't deserve any WWE Title gold, period.


3. Goldberg

He is one of the worst for many reasons, this was during the time he practically got buried in WWE (if you wonder why Sting won't join WWE, just look at Goldberg's career in WWE).

He held the title for a while, but this was the start of his major downfall and destruction of a once-huge reputation.


2. John Cena

He may be athletic, he may be popular, but he doesn't really get over with most as WWE Champion, he has held it so many times already, and if he continues at this rate, he may even get close to Ric Flair's record of 16 World Titles (oh God, I sure hope not).


1.The Great Khali

Everybody knew Khali was planned to be World champ, but putting him as World Champ just made problems. The fans weren't into him at all as World Champ. Thank God his title reign didn't last long.