Les Miserables In Washington: Wizards Fall to 0-4

Jennifer JohnsonAnalyst INovember 8, 2008

The Wizards need a wakeup call.

After dropping their fourth straight game to start the 2008-2009 NBA season, Coach Eddie Jordan has seen enough.  

He might be the next one to be benched if he can’t bring the spark back to Washington’s lineup.  

This time the Wizards came up short on the scoreboard, losing 114-108 to the new and improved New York Knicks. 

Power Forward Antwan Jamison and Small Forward Caron Butler combined for 54 of the team’s total points and continue to lead the Wizards in all major offensive categories. 

Starting Point Guard Antonio Daniels’ play has been erratic at best, and this Wizards fan is cursing Agent Zero's gimpy knee out for keeping him on the shelf for two-and-a-half agonizing seasons. 

There’s no fear of failure when a team plays the Wizards.

Coach Jordan is considering tweaking the lineup to include more minutes for second year player G Nick Young and first year player F/C JaVale McGhee.

McGhee has worked hard to prove he was worthy of a first round pick. 

He played a career high 30 minutes against the Knicks to earn his first career double-double. 

He finished the game with 12 points and 10 rebounds.  I cannot recall a double digit rebounding performance from a Wizard, not named Brendan Haywood, in years. 

JaVale also earned the coach’s ire with his raw talent. 

He was called for both offensive and defensive goaltending.  

The rambunctious rookie also missed two alley hoop dunks in which Coach Jordan insighted laughter as he commented on McGhee’s miscues in the locker room after the game.

“They were making three’s from 30 feet and we were missing dunks. So we were going insane on the bench, the coaches.  It just didn’t seem right.”

I agree Coach. 

Nothing has gone right and there’s not a lot of time to fix what’s broken before tonight’s game against the Orlando Magic. 

Dwight Howard is waiting to exploit the front court with Patrick Ewing-type moves. 

The question is will the Wizards wake up before the bell tolls on their season or will Coach Jordan fall victim to the vampire’s bite of another lackluster effort?