Florida Marlins: Naming Rights Deal for New Miami Ballpark Nearly Complete

James BondmanCorrespondent IAugust 3, 2011

The New Marlins Stadium is nearly 80 percent complete and is expected to be complete just in time forSpring.
The New Marlins Stadium is nearly 80 percent complete and is expected to be complete just in time forSpring.

After months of delays, the new Miami Ballpark (also called New Marlins Ballpark or Stadium) will very soon get it's official birth name. 

According to the Sun-Sentinel, P.J. Loyello, Marlins senior vice president of communications, said Tuesday that the deal was in its final stages of completion. 

The Marlins deal will be for more than the name on the ballpark.

"From what I understand there’s several companies that stepped forward, and negotiations were always pretty open and clear about what the economic parameters of the deal would be, and people didn’t shy away. We’re talking multinational companies that are looking to get their name in Miami,” Loyello said, adding that the partnership is going to be “omnipresent from a marketing standpoint, a community standpoint and, obviously, a presence at the ballpark itself. We’re trying to get the best deal. We’re at the point that we’re finalizing it." 

The official name of the new ballpark has been an ongoing storyline among the interested fans and local media aside from what new colors the Marlins will change into in 2012. It's been like an expectant mother and all her friends and family trying to figure out whether it's a boy or a girl but the mother won't let out her secret just yet. 

Considering the "multinational" approach, the field suddenly expands to a broader one but it might still include the favorites thought by many to be Bacardi (a local corporation; producer of rum) and even a cruise ship company perhaps Royal Caribbean, Norwegian or Carnival (all have headquarters in South Florida).

Other favorites who now seem out of the running based on the latest comments are Burger King and Publix Supermarkets, but an official announcement could be expected within the next week or so.    

Beyond the actual naming rights deal, the Marlins have secondary sponsors lined up to put their names on the four color-coded quadrants of the ballpark. Those will be finalized after the primary naming partnership is announced.

The Marlins also announced the team will play a pair of exhibition games on April 1st and 2nd against the New York Yankees, prior to Opening Night against the St. Louis Cardinals on April 4, 2012.