Jeffrey Earnhardt: A Little of This, a Little of That...SK Modifieds?

racethis 50Correspondent INovember 7, 2008

The Camping East Series may have ended, but Jeffrey Earnhardt is still driving hard, and it's in an SK Modified car this weekend. Earnhardt sat out the last two races of the Camping World East season to give seat time to teammates Aric Amorila and Ryan Truex, an up-and-coming young racer. This led to much speculation, which was just that, speculation.

DEI and this young driver have a solid plan and a promising future together and are still going strong. Although still searching the market for potential sponsors there is rumor of various talks for a potential NATIONWIDE ride next year.

This early in the new season, he is still looking and reviewing the seemingly endless options. Perhaps SK Modified open-wheel racing is in his future. Perhaps continuing to gain experience in the Camping World East Series suits his fancy. Or, just maybe, that NATIONWIDE ride is calling his name.

Any division is still a possibility and as always, sponsorship remains a goal for young Jeffrey as the next logical step in his career. A NATIONWIDE ride in the next few years, would be a dream come true for this up-and-coming driver.

However, this weekend, Jeffrey tried another "first" in his racing career when he agreed to drive the No. 8 SK Modified car in Concord Motor Speedway's North South Shootout in Concord, NC. The car, co-owned by Glen Johnson and Sean Cassels, was offered to  Earnhardt last week.

Earnhardt had a chance to sit in, but not drive, this car in Stafford, where he ran a late model race. He liked the feel of the car and said he "couldn't wait to get in one." Conversations about potential races began here and led to his seat in the red, white, and blue No. 8 car.

Earnhardt jumped at the opportunity and was flattered to have been given the ride. When asked why he chose to run in a type of car in which he's never even hit a practice lap, the 19 year-old grandson of the late Dale Earnhardt replied, "It's racing! I can't wait to try it!" Jeffrey was excited at the prospect of driving an SK Modified.

He is a patient, determined, and hardworking young man, as was evident Thursday and Friday as the team owners and crew members worked diligently on the car that seemed to be giving them some trouble. The car was ready just in time for qualifying, putting the young Earnhardt in the position of earning his place in the race without ever having put in a full practice session in the car. The team pulled double-duty to get the car in great shape and they apparently did a tremendous job.

During heat race qualifying, true to his aggressive driving style, Earnhardt drove a fast and furious race. He ran close and bumped the No. 11 car in front of him, spinning it out and narrowly escaping taking himself out of the race. He slipped into third place.

This put him somewhere in the top set of cars out of 29 starters tomorrow. That's not too shabby for a kid who's never even driven an SK Modified, let alone the very car he will race Saturday night. The No. 11 car rallied and came back to earn a spot in the race, as well. The Modified race takes place Saturday evening, Nov. 8. Stay tuned.

                        Go Jeffrey, Go!