The Miami Heat "Flash" Past Spurs: 99-83

Mike PiccoloContributor INovember 7, 2008

Miami Heat 99 - San Antonion Spurs 83

If you happened to miss the Miami Heat vs San Antonio Spurs game tonight, you might wanna ask a friend with TiVo if you could stop by and check this game out.  Not only did the Heat look sharp tonight, but tonight, without a question of a doubt, the biggest question on every Miami Heat fans' mind, "Is Dwyane Wade really back, or is this just a tease," was answered.  Thirty-three points, 10 rebounds, 9 assists and 3 steals later, this Heat fan has concluded that D Wade is not only back, but looks better than ever.  Wade finished with a masterful double-double which fell 1 assist short of a triple-double.  Watching Wade play tonight was like watching Wade in the 2006 finals all over again... The same Wade who won MVP of the 2006 NBA Finals, won the gold in China and promised that he's back and hungry for more took the floor tonight and dominated this game with tenacity and the heart of a champion.

Tonight's game was also a huge wake-up call for the league.  The Miami Heat as a team, have been looked at as rebuilding, with an outside chance of making the playoffs.  The Heat have been said to be "lacking a point guard" or "missing a proven big man" but I'm here to say that watching the Miami Heat tonight, all the nay-sayers can keep talking because all that talk doesn't mean SQUAT! 

Michael Beasley looked sharper than ever finishing the night with 20 points, 8 rebounds, 3 assists and 2 blocked shots.  As for the rest of the team, I felt like I was watching a well oiled machine in the heart of a playoff race.  The San Antonio Spurs have been known for quite some time now as the best defensive team in the league, but tonight it was all Miami.  The Heat's defense was relentless and helped show the Miami Heat's true character.  The Heat were poised to show the league that they are not just an offensively minded team who can put up 100+ any given night.  In fact, the Heat average 9.4 points over the competition this season (Heat average 102 PPG vs Opposition 92.6 PPG). 

Let's not forget the man who has taken on an unfamiliar role and been exceptional in doing so, of course I'm speaking of Udonis Haslem.  Haslem who is a natural power forward has been starting at center, following coach Erik Spoelstra's "small ball" offensive strategy.  Haslem finished with 15 points and 10 rebounds while also keeping his already league leading field goal percentage of 70% in check by going 5-8 (62.5%) from the floor.  The bench was amazing highlighting Chirs Quinn, who finished with 15 points including 5 3-point field goals! 

For the Miami Heat, the numbers speak for themselves, but I would like to also comment on the ball movement, the movement of players without the ball, and the all-around confidence of just about every player on the floor.  The Miami Heat are sizzling right now and don't show signs of fizzling out.  There's only one thing to say if you're a Heat fan, and that's BURN BABY BURN!