10 Things I Hate about the NBA

Jonny SAnalyst INovember 7, 2008

I am a huge basketball fan, period. I am a fan of nearly every single sport...some more than others. I do enjoy the NBA for the most part, but there are 10 things I hate about the NBA.

10. The NonExistent "Traveling" Call

This may seem rather elementary, but it drives me crazy as a fan. NBA players travel on nearly every play and it is called two, maybe three times a game. It should be called two or three times per possession.

I understand it would slow the game considerably, but at least warn the players before the season and crack down on it more and more.


9. Similar To No. 10, the NonExistent "Palming" Violation

Allen Iverson has one of the best crossover dribbles in the NBA...he also has the best palming dribble in the NBA. It amazes me how many times the players, even just standing there waiting for a play to develop, palm the ball. The ball pauses in their hand for nearly a second, and the hand rotates under the ball, meanwhile the refs only call it when it is obvious...a two second pause I guess.


8. The on Court Coach Interviews

The NBA started a new thing last season when they began interviewing the coaches after the third quarter of games to "get inside their head." This was supposed to get the fans more involved with the game to truly understand what the coach is emphasizing on the bench. Instead, the coaches spit out traditional answers that include such sentences as: "We need to step it up on defense. We need to stop (players name) from driving in the lane. We're getting open shots, they're just not falling for us right now. We have to make our free throws."

Thank you NBA for getting us involved...I never thought a team had to make shots to win a game, fascinating stuff.


7. "Star Treatment"

While I understand the NBA wants their stars to play as much as possible, some calls are simply ridiculous and show severe favoritism for the star players. Michael Jordan was obviously the biggest star and was also the player given the most freedom on the court. If you keep treating the stars in this way, the NBA's style will remain the same (See No. 3 for more about this.


6. The Defender Has No Rights

Other than "flopping," a defender in today's game has no rights. An offensive player can drive down the lane completely out of control and a defender can be moving their feet to "play defense" and a blocking foul is called 98 percent of the time. A player can pump fake, the defender will not even leave his feet, and the offensive player draws all of the contact and a foul is called. Kobe Bryant is the best at this move.


5. "Hack-a-Shaq"

I understand the strategy, but please someone tell me how it is legal? Why is it called an "intentional" foul when a player makes no effort to play the ball and fouls a player. The player then gets a free throw and his team gets the ball. Yet, when Shaq is fouled 40 feet away from the ball and two guys are hanging off his elbows, it is somehow not intentional...


4. The Absence of a Jump Shot

It absolutely astonishes me how so many NBA players, who get paid millions of dollars, can't make a wide open 15 foot shot. The NBA is an all dunk league now and when players have wide open jump shots they pass it up. If I was going to compare this to baseball, it would be like a star player striking out over and over again on a 90 MPH fastball right down the plate.


3. One on One...All the Way

Sometimes I don't think many NBA players no what the word "teamwork" means. So, many teams have one or two players who constantly dribble around for 13 seconds and throw up a 22 foot fade away that barely draws iron. The most exciting NBA teams to watch are the best passing teams and the teams who play as a team...maybe the NBA should emphasize this instead of stardom?


2. Every Game Comes Down to the Fourth Quarter, Suspicious?

If you ask most casual NBA fans why they don't watch it more intensely, their biggest reason is, "you can turn it on with two minutes left and the game can last 30 minutes and you see all you need to see."

I am more than a casual NBA fan and I agree with that for the most part. Even games where a team has a 20 point lead after the third quarter, end up a five point game at some point during the fourth quarter.  I don't think NBA players or teams throw games, but with this whole referee scandal and the amazing comebacks almost nightly in the NBA, this seems a bit fishy at times.


1b. Officiating and "Flops"

Out of all the professional sports, the NBA has by far the worst officiating. Stars get preferential treatment. The rules of the game, like travelling, do not exist anymore. Players like Vlade Divac, Manu Ginobli, and Raja Bell constantly get rewarded for playing the game like sissy's. These guys are renowned for "flopping" when any player gets within a foot of them. Worst of all, the referees know it is a flop, but they still call it on the offensive player! The NBA has become a sissy league with a bunch of primadonnas.


1a. What Kind of Cheese Do You Want with That Whine?

The last time I watched an NBA game, I decided I wanted to count how many times the players whined to the refs or showed them up. I was out of fingers and toes to count before the half was over. Whether it is throwing their arms in the air or walking over to the ref with a constipated look on their face, NBA players can't seem to shut their mouths.

The NBA said they were going to "crack down" on players who argued or showed up officials; if that's the case, there could be a technical foul called on every other whistle blown. The best is when a player jumps up to block a shot and in doing so, their body flies into their opponent's body and drops them to the floor. A foul is called and the defender can't believe it! He yells to the ref "It was all ball!" In reality he is right, unfortunately before he got all ball, he got all body...which in the NBA, especially the sissy league that it has turned into, is a foul.


As I said I love the NBA. Much of my love though comes from the fact that I love basketball, period. However, the NBA used to be my favorite sport behind MLB, but now I find myself completely turned off by how the game is played and officiated.

Now the only time the NBA becomes one of my four favorite sports to watch is when the Lakers are in the playoffs...and there's two minutes left.