Week 11- K-State

Matt ThielSenior Analyst INovember 7, 2008

It's finally here. The day that seemed far off in 2005. Senior Day 2008, where we see off Mizzou's best class of seniors. The Zou will be jumping, Aaron O'Neal's parents will be around, and Chase, Chase, and Chase will all get some serious PT. I highly suggest you poke over to RMN for their Senior class takes. But the main question is, how to the Tigers win?

-The big news of the week was Ron Prince deep-sixing his Mildcat coaching career. Sure, he sucked, but I was hoping to pound at least a couple more years out of him. Then, Gary Patterson from TCU reportedly took the job only to say no he didn't. This is becoming a clusterf*ck, and it only happened two days ago. I don't see the Cats reacting well to the drama.

-Josh Freeman has the attention span of a three year old. When he's on, he's on...for all two minutes (that's what she said!). The guy has an NFL possibility, but he's scatterbrained. With everything going on (coaching change, Mizzou's Senior Day), JF will never get into a rhythm.

-K-State's defense has been shredded like a bag of cheese lately. You know what that mean? Handshakes until your hand cramps.

-At least the Mildcats still have Jordy Nelson...oh, they don't? That's right, he's a Packer. Official word: The Mildcat's have nothing on offense.

-Chase Daniel, Jeremy Maclin, and Chase Coffman should all expect to have HUGE days. Derrick Washington should expect to show off his dice shoes against the Mildcat D.

This one shouldn't even be close, and Vegas is agreeing with a 27 point spread. Tigers roll with a 52-13 win in the last game of '08 at Faurot.

You can watch the game HERE, listen HERE, and peep Rock M Nation's open thread of hatred HERE. Victory Whiskey all day long kids.