WWE: Rey Mysterio Deserves a Much Bigger Push in Pro Wrestling

Jon FisherCorrespondent IIAugust 2, 2011

Rey Mysterio has accomplished plenty of things during his tenure with WWE. 

He is a one-time WWE champion, two-time world heavyweight champion, two-time intercontinental champion, four-time WWE Tag-Team champion, three-time cruiserweight champion, the 2006 Royal Rumble winner and the 21st Triple Crown winner in WWE history. 

Adding on to his laundry list of accomplishments, he is one of the best high-fliers in WWE history.  As the ultimate underdog, Rey Rey came to WWE from WCW to make a statement, and he did just that. 

Debuting in 2002, Mysterio entered into a feud with Kurt Angle, one of WWE's biggest stars.  To begin a feud with such a high-profiled wrestler is not heard of very often.  Rey came up just short (no pun intended) with his program with Angle; only brighter things were to come. 

I don't need to take a run through of Mysterio's career, because it is well documented already.  Overall,  WWEshop.com came out with two DVDs documenting Rey's entire career.  The latest one is entitled, "Rey Mysterio: Life of a Masked Man" and the older one is called, "Rey Mysterio the Biggest Little Man". 

Both titles have succeeded, especially with Rey's giant fan base. I guess meeting every kid with a Rey mask on the way to the ring helps. 

It's no secret that Rey is up there with John Cena in terms of sales, more the younger generation than not.  From replica pants to Mysterio masks, Rey is a top star in WWE in many capacities.  One question still remains: Why isn't he pushed as highly as he should be? 


In recent years, WWE has stepped up their charity work and tribute to the troops.  In every commercial, you see Rey connecting with fans/troops like he is their new best friend, signing autographs and always on a plane to do more work. 

Another reason is Rey's commitment to the company.  Superstars like Angle, RVD, and the Hardy's leave WWE and head across the "border."  Mysterio has always stayed faithful to the company he loves and, more importantly, Vince McMahon. 

Some have argued the only reason Rey was pushed stemmed from the tragic death of Eddie Guerrero.  Both have Mexican heritage and WWE concerns themselves with a broad audience.  That could be a true statement, if Mysterio didn't deserve it in the first place. 

Reports last month from several dirt sheets claimed VKM wanted to push the older veterans, because of the recent step backs of younger superstars.  Mark Henry has recently been pushed to the moon (for the third time, I believe), so why not Mysterio? 

On Raw, Mysterio has plenty of feuds he could start:  Evan Bourne, Del Rio for a second time, Kofi Kingston and even John Cena just to name a few.  Two Mondays ago, Mysterio won the WWE championship tournament that Vinny Mac ordered over the Miz. 

Alas, HHH granted Cena his rematch for the title and, low and behold, Cena won. 


Keeping the title with Mysterio would have solidified him as a WWE title holder once again.  Other than July 25th, 2011, his last major WWE title run came in 2010. That ended on the same night he defended it against Jack Swagger at Money in the Bank, when Kane cashed in his briefcase that he won earlier that night. 

Rey Mysterio was drafted to Raw this year as part of the Annual WWE Draft.  If consistency serves any purpose, superstars get drafted to Raw to shine bright under the live stage.  So far, he has only performed in a mini-feud with CM Punk. 

As one of the best high-fliers this company has ever seen and truly the ultimate underdog, Rey Mysterio has given his life to professional wrestling since April 30, 1989.

Now 36, Rey Mysterio isn't scheduled for a feud at the moment.  If Vincent Kennedy McMahon and the rest of the WWE brass understand what is good for business, they will push Rey to the moon while you still can. 

Time is running out on the Biggest Little Man's career and, before you know it, he won't be gracing the squared circle giving us awe-inspiring moves and jaw-dropping moments.


That's right.  I'm a Paul Heyman guy.