Ferrari and Lewis Hamilton Won, but Who Made More Mistakes?

Mustafa SariContributor INovember 7, 2008

The season is over, but there are a lot of questions to ask in order to understand the 2008 Formula 1 World Championship.

At pre-season testing, there was one favourite man, Kimi Raikkonen, who was faster than his teammate and broke the lap record for the Bahrain Circuit.

Also at McLaren, Heikki Kovalainen had the speed of Lewis Hamilton before the Australian GP.

When we look back at the Melbourne race, Ferrari had reliability problems and McLaren had tactical problems by which they lost the chance to do a double, flew with the Safety Car.

This was the overview of the first GP of the season, but when we look at the whole season, the story stays same.

The Finns struggled to adapt the new aerodynamic updates and tyres, so Felipe Massa has fewer fastest laps but he finished more races ahead of Kimi.

At McLaren, Heikki had more fastest laps, but Lewis finished more races ahead of Heikki.

When we look at the whole season, Heikki and Kimi had the heavier car in qualifying so they had the car which they didn't like the aerodynamic and fuel load.

Felipe and Lewis generally have less fueled and faster cars in the first and the second stint of the races.

This year, weather played an important role, more than last year, as Ferrari made mistakes at England, Monaco, and Singapore. Kimi and Felipe also had engine failures, one at Valencia and the most important one at Hungary.

In wet weather, Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton had the edge, especially England and Monza, which were the hardest challenges for the drivers.

STR3 and McLaren MP4-23 seemed good with their brake systems in wet races, so the results are no surprise to us.

In the wet, Ferrari did make pit stop mistakes, letting Kimi down at the start of Monaco GP ending with a go-through penalty and DNF.

At McLaren, Hamilton had his play with a struggling teammate, so he had good races all season but made mistakes like Canada, Bahrain, Spa, Fuji, and Monaco.

His weakness is ego and rookie-type PR in public. Hamilton becomes world champion, but he must learn to respect other drivers and control his superior ego.

Ron Dennis made a lot of mistakes too. McLaren didn't play a team game. What we saw in Germany was Heikki letting Lewis pass at mid-season but for Ferrari, this teamwork came at China, by which time Kimi didn't have a chance to win the Championship.

At McLaren, only Heikki had mechanical problems, but at Ferrari all cars suffered from reliability issues.

This year, BMW had edge in the reliability race, and Kubica impressed me so much. If he had a chance to have his car with the same speed of Ferrari and McLaren without Kimi, Alonso and Heikki in the race, he had more than a potential to win the glory.

Renault's last updates make us remember how fast and how good Alonso is.

In conclusion, Ferrari generally suffered from reliability, wet pace and pit stop mistakes, otherwise Kimi is still the fastest man on the grid and Felipe develops and understands how to win and how to lose. 

At McLaren, Lewis made a lot of mistakes and had two accidents with former champions, one at Bahrain and one at Canada. Secondly, McLaren had problems with grip and reliability.

Ron and Martin made some interesting tactical decisions. This evidence shows a lot about two rivals that made a lot more mistakes than expected.

If the Renault or BMW had the same pace, this story wouldn't end like it did last Sunday.