Juventus Special: New Stadium Will Bring Money and Hope to Serie A

Borna KolbadiCorrespondent IAugust 4, 2011

The new stadium
The new stadium

Delle Alpi and Its Problems

If you remember the old Stadio Delle Alpi, then you understand why the move to this new stadium is such a big deal to many Juventus and Serie A fans.

The old stadium, opened in 1990, had a capacity of 67,229 seats and was extremely high-tech. It looked beautiful from the outside and was one of the most modern stadiums of the 90s. However, none of these points really matter if the fans don't attend the stadium.

From the fans' point of view, this stadium was awful. There was advertising boards that covered the view of fans sitting in the lower seats, while the existence of an athletics track — which was only used for summer concerts — pushed the upper seats way too far from the pitch.

While the stadium was positioned in the outskirts of the Turin, there was not enough parking spaces and the extreme traffic after each game was caused by the horrible design of the parking and roads around the stadium. All these factors together meant that the stadium was hardly ever filled — in fact the average attendance during the 2004-05 season was as low as 26000 spectators.

Since the opening of the stadium in 1990, it was owned by the city council of Turin and the teams were not allowed to make any changes to the stadium, having to pay a fee for using it every time. During 1994, the Juventus board, backed by investors, started planning on building a new stadium that would be owned by the club. However, the club was facing some financial problems at the time and the plan was not a possibility at that moment. Juventus finally managed to buy Delle Alpi from the city council in 2003 for around €25 million.

"Juventus Arena"

After a few years of investigating the problems with the old stadium, the club's board decided to develop a final plan and build a new stadium in place of the now-Juventus-owned Delle Alpi. Juventus announced they would be closing the stadium after the 2005-06 season was finished and start demolishing the stadium to make space for a new structure instead of the unpopular Delle Alpi.

After the wake of Calciopoli, most of the Juventus board and decision-makers either resigned or were banned, and the new management put the plans to build a new stadium on hold until the club's management was stabilized. Two years later, Juventus revealed their plans to demolish the old stadium and build a structure they called the "Juventus Arena" instead of it.

Later it was announced that the new Juventus stadium will be a 41,000 seater, of which there are 3,600 VIP seats and more than 100 executive boxes. The stands will be around eight meters away from the pitch, which is at least 15 meters closer than the stands of Delle Alpi, and will also have short advertising boards to ensure that all fans can enjoy the game seated.

The new "Arena" also includes: new training fields, lockers, underground car parks, a gymnasium for the players, two shopping centers, an expandable parking space which can fit around 4,000 cars, a Juventus history museum, restaurants and a hotel. The new Arena will be the first of its kind in Europe and will make Juventus the first Italian club to build and own its stadium.

This new arena is expected to bring in a great sum of profit as well as become a home to Juventus fans in general. It will also be a move forward for Italian club management and will push other clubs to purchase or build their own stadiums.