WWE Golden Mic Awards Mid-Year Review: Miz, CM Punk and Other Fire Tongues

Ryan Dearbone@@dbo83Correspondent IAugust 2, 2011

CM Punk has referred to it as a "pipe bomb".

The Miz has redefined it by even turning the logo upside down on his.

Even R-Truth has found a way to remake himself using the power of the microphone.

Not everyone can properly use a mic.

Anybody remember Batista's mic skills?

How about the excruciating sound of Daniel Bryan trying to be clever or witty on a promo?

Well, neither is on this list.

Here are your award winners so far for the best on the mic in the "E".

Rookie of The Year: Alberto Del Rio

He really doesn't need to talk to be hated by the crowd.

The fancy car, the personal ring announcer and the sadistic streak seem to say enough.

But Mr. "Money in the Bank" is also money on the mic.

He has ripped Rey Rey a new one, calling out the little "chihuahua" and declaring his championship destiny.

Love him or hate him, he's never boring when you hand him a mic.

Breakthrough Performer of The Year: R-Truth

Most people wrote off R-Truth as the guy who could only say a catch phrase and dance a hip-hop jig.

But with his recent heel turn and swan dive into the river of insanity, he's proven many people wrong.

The "truth" is, while he'll never catch up to guys like The Rock or Hot Rod, R-Truth has finally found his footing (and it doesn't include spinning around rapping about popping pimples, thankfully).

Legends Award: The Rock

What more needs to be said on this one?

You give Rocky the mic, then get the hell out of the way.

As we found out this year, whether via satellite, YouTube or in the arena, he hasn't lost a step.

His curb-stompings of John "Fruity Pebbles" Cena have been some of the best of his career and certainly some of the best WWE has been blessed with in recent memory.

He may only pop up once every few months, but when he does, he's in rarefied air speaking his mind.

"I Spit Hot Fire" Award: The Miz

Up until the return of The Rock and the explosion of CM Punk, The Miz was carrying the mic alone this year.

Promos would make you say this kid has the makings of being one of the best on the mic—ever!

Really? Really?


It's because of Miz's background in reality TV and his desire to not be Jannetty'd (yes I took it there) when the successful Miz/John Morrison split.

Since then, he's gone on to burn John Cena, Morrison, Alex Riley and anyone else stupid enough to get caught in his glare.

He is the future of the WWE when it comes to the microphone.

Mr. Mic Skills 2011: CM Punk

This one is a no-brainer.

Always charismatic when addressing the WWE Universe, CM Punk's recent rants have been some of the best ever.

The cutting down of the fourth wall by dissing Vince and his family for "destroying" the business he loves and calling out Rocky and Cena as card-carrying members of the "Vince McMahon Kiss My Ass" Club was better than any reality show I've seen.

He's kept the crowds entangled in everything he's had to say—a disgruntled employee with a pipe bomb in his hand.

In turn, he's gone from being the villain to the "voice of truth" within the company.

CM Punk's recent run will always be remembered as truly classic in the annals of WWE history. He may end up on the Mt. Rushmore of WWE mic specialists.

Give him a megaphone or a microphone—just give this man time to talk.


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