Randy Moss Should Pull a Brett Favre and Rejoin the Minnesota Vikings

Kevin LindseyAnalyst IAugust 2, 2011

EDEN PRAIRIE, MN - OCTOBER 7:  Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Randy Moss answers questions from the media during a press conference at Winter Park on October 7, 2010 in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.  (Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images)
Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

Monday, Randy Moss announced his retirement and fans should be thankful for the many memories that he has given us. 

My favorite memory of the former Vikings receiver is the three catches for three touchdowns he had against the Dallas Cowboys game on Thanksgiving in 1998. Most Vikings fans are likely satisfied to savor such memories of Moss and his Jimi Hendrix-inspired afro streaking by hapless defenders.

I, however, am not ready to see Moss hang up his cleats. He is not the Super Freak Homeboy he once was as a player, but he can still play at a very high level.

I want him to pull a Favre and come out of retirement to rejoin the Vikings.

No, I don’t the need drawn-out drama of having coach Leslie Frazer travel to Randy’s house.  

I could also do without having to see Adrian Peterson and Percy Harvin get on a plane to talk him out of retirement.

Moss can also skip showing up at the local high school to participate in drills and show the receivers the finer points of the game.

I just want Moss and the Vikings to quietly come to an arrangement in which Moss puts on the purple once again.

Sure, last season was a disaster for Moss. Coaches and teammates found him petulant, obstinate and not willing to always give his best effort on the field.

Playing for three teams last year, Moss had only 28 catches for 393 yards and five touchdowns.

Not exactly the line that you would expect from a first-ballot hall of fame player.

Of course, the numbers that Moss posted last year were better than what Bernard Berrian, the Vikings' current projected starter at wide receiver, had last year.

A couple of weeks ago, Moss’ agent, Joel Segal, said Moss was in “freakish shape” and was “working out, two-a-days, all spring and summer in West Virginia.”

Randy had to be looking forward to one more season in which he could put on a show. While Segal is likely painting a rosy picture of his client there is little doubt that Moss wanted to end his career with the numbers that he posted last year.

The news of Randy’s retirement seemed to be prompted by the fact that Plaxico Burress, fresh out of prison, received $3 million from the New York Jets whereas no team seemed to be willing to make a comparable offer to Moss.

Sure, Burress has a Super Bowl ring, but Moss has 954 receptions, 14,858 yards and 153 touchdowns in his career. Moss is fifth all-time in receiving yards and second all-time in receiving touchdowns.

Is the 34-year-old Burress clearly better than the 34-year-old Moss, especially when Burress hasn’t played in more than two years?

Minnesota may be hesitant to give Moss one more chance but it is not hard to imagine a scenario that finds him and Vikings ownership courting one another.

First, imagine the Vikings win their first two games, but the wins are painfully ugly with 75 percent of their offense being generated on the ground.

Second, picture Moss at home listening to television pundits getting sick and tired of hearing that because of how he finished his career that he is not a first-ballot Hall of Fame player.

Throw into the mix that the Detroit Lions front line has put at least one quarterback on the injured reserve list before the Vikings meet in Week 3.

Vikings ownership, seeking to provide one more weapon to Donovan McNabb to keep Ndamukong Suh and company honest, put in a call to West Virginia to see if Randy might be willing to give it one more shot.

While Vikings fans aren’t holding their collective breath waiting for Randy, they wouldn’t mind having their collective breath being taken away one more time by No. 84.

Yes, Moss rejoining the Vikings for one last hurrah is likely the longest of long shots.

However, if you are looking for a ray of hope the Vikings and Bernard Berrian came to an agreement in which Berrian agreed to restructure his contract to allow the Vikings more flexibility to sign a free agent.

Maybe seeing Moss in purple is not such a long shot after all.