Cleveland's Song to Romeo

Greg CookseyCorrespondent INovember 7, 2008

Enough is enough. The final piece of an already collapsing ceiling has fallen. Cleveland is beginning to have a voice that, after this season is over, will almost undoubtedly have to be heard after the Browns' perfectly disgusting 34-30 loss to the Denver Broncos last night.  

Romeo Crennel is now on a very short leash, and it's a shame. No, Romeo is not a scapegoat, coaches who are brought in to improve a team and then, three-and-a-half or three-and-a-quarter years later have a record 23-36 are what they are. Not very good head coaches.

Translation: Romeo may be a very good defensive coordinator, but he is not head-coach material. The Browns' poor play is a direct result of his lack of the ability to have the skills needed to be a head coach in the NFL level.

23-36 is not the type of record that general manager Phil Savage and owner Randy Lerner envisioned when they hired Crennel as the coach back in January of 2005. Back then, Crennel sat in front of the media and told them he was the kind of coach that could teach. "I can teach the game of football," Crennel said with enthusiasm and anticipation, ready to prove he was ready to make the jump from defensive coordinator to head coach.

Today if those same sentiment's have not turned into fear and worry that his time and welcome here is a head coach is about to run out, something is wrong.

Of course, after last season, we all thought that this is the time when we finally get to see that the promise of a bright future was finally going to be reality.

However, after loses that could have just as easily been wins, had the team been better coached on the field during that game, we now are thinking twice about just how good of a coach he really is.

The Browns are one of the proudest, most storied franchises in the NFL. Their fans are by far some of the best around, and they are hungry for this team to get back to the glory days of the 1950s, '60s, and the mid-'80s to come back again. This team is the most undisciplined, uninspired, and unmotivated team around right now. Guys like Paul Brown and Otto Grahm, who bled for this franchise, are rolling in their graves after seeing last night's sickening loss, or the others that have been just like it.

After having nine years of the most boring football that can be played—and sometimes just makes you sick to your stomach—you would think something would have to give. Crennel may be a nice enough person, but being a nice person does not do much when you're trying to win a football game.

As I said last week in one of my articles, football is a war, and that means you have to have the heart of a warrior and nail the team on the sideline across from you.

The fans of Cleveland are tired of seeing this team that they have lived and died with, and had their hearts broken by, when they had there team taken away from them, go out and get the stuffing beat out of them.

It is time for someone to be put at the helm that will have a passion of football and has a general knowledge of how to win at the NFL level. The play under Crennel has been no better than it was when Chris Palmer or Butch Davis were in charge. We have talent on this team, let's find someone who can get the players to use it.

We are tired of losing games because of a  poorly-coached defense or even whole team falters the way it did last night. Last night, Denver had absolutely no running game at all, and even someone who is the most uninformed of the game could have told you that they would try to throw the football in the fourth quarter, yet here were the Browns, caught off guard and not ready for it.

It happens too much, and if the head coach cannot step up and make a adjustment, that pretty much tells you what you need to know. Yet, all Romeo could say after the game about is that "it's disappointing when you have a lead and the defense can't hold it."

How about calling some players out for it and laying the loss on the defense rather than saying the play was disappointing. If you care anymore, that is.

Enough is enough. 23-36 is embarrassing! This city expects better from its teams; we are not saying that we have to win a championship every year, but it would be nice to actually have a team that we can turn a television set on and look forward to seeing on Sunday or a team that we can watch on Monday nights and be proud of, without hearing people from the national media like Tony Kornheiser either make fun of or try to ignore all together.

I don't think that asking for a team that we can be proud of is all that much to ask for, but most can see the writing on the wall. What does it say? It says that the time has come to realize that it will never happen under Romeo Crennel.

Romeo, I mentioned that you're a nice enough person, but this city is ready to have its team back. You had your chance and did not take it by the horns and meet expectations.

We (as in the fans) are moving on. It's time Phil Savage and Randy Lerner do the same.