WWE: IWC Should Let the CM Punk Storyline Happen Before Judging It

Jacob ForresterCorrespondent IAugust 1, 2011

Many people want to forecast gloom and doom with the current storyline involving CM Punk and John Cena, but I don't buy it.

I don't buy that the WWE will automatically screw up this storyline because CM Punk was supposedly brought back too fast. I trust the WWE to do the right thing with this storyline.

Don't laugh at me; I'm serious.

If you look at the last month or so of WWE TV, the company has been doing fairly well when it comes to writing. They are making good decisions, such as leaving off Hornswoggle and adding Zack Ryder, and have kept us interested in what will happen next.

All of this leads me to have confidence in the current direction of the writers. Even long term, they have made great decisions.

Cody Rhodes beats Mysterio at WM27; R-Truth turns heel; Daniel Bryan wins MITB; Christian has a two-day title reign (which turned out to be for the best); Mark Henry turns heel; Undertaker seems, for a moment, about to lose; Kharma (while she lasted) dominates.

All of those things were very good. All of them helped prove the writers are competent.

Who knows what they are planning for tonight?

Maybe it will go in an unexpected direction, one that will help the WWE. Maybe Punk will force them to go PG-13. (Wouldn't that be interesting?) Or maybe he jumps HHH. Or we see Cena start a heel turn.

Who knows what can happen in the coming weeks?

So let them do it before you criticize so harshly.

This leads me to ask this question: If you still say the WWE screwed up with Punk, how would you have done it?

Please, share below in the comment section.

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