WWE: The 5 Storylines of 2011 That Disappeared Without a Trace

Jonathan BachCorrespondent IIIAugust 2, 2011

WWE has a habit of starting something and then dropping it mid-way.

I thought it was interesting yesterday, watching David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty come out with new theme music and nothing Nexus-related at all.

No mention of it by the commentators. It didn't seem like the Nexus existed.

So I started to think of some other storylines that were just dropped and left us fans wondering what happened.

These are five storylines that WWE dropped in favor of something else without actually finishing it.


Tyson Kidd and the Manager Carousel

 A few weeks back on WWE Superstars, Tyson Kidd made his way to the ring with Michael Hayes.

Michael Hayes claimed that Tyson Kidd was the next big thing in WWE and went on and on about him.

Then Tyson Kidd would lose the following week on Superstars, and Michael Hayes dumped him.

A couple of other managers took a swing at accompanying him to the ring.

First it was Armando Estrada, who—by the way—we hadn't seen in months.

After Kidd lost, Estrada pulled a Michael Hayes and left. Then it was Matt Striker, then Vickie Guerrero and then JTG(?????). 

Eventually, Tyson Kidd just stopped coming around with managers. And it left a lot of people saying WTF.

It's not like Tyson Kidd was getting a lot of TV time. And once he started making more appearances, they abandoned his storyline.

It was a weird situation to say the least. Maybe WWE could incorporate it into his current character.


The Greatest Tag Team Ever: Vladimir Kozlov and Santino Marella

 Obviously, I was being sarcastic calling them the greatest tag team ever.

But they were a fun tag team to watch. For some reason, though, they split up. Or at least it seems that way.

Santino Marella hasn't teamed up with Kozlov for a couple of weeks, and it seems like Santino and Zack Ryder are going to be a tag team.

I had to look this up, but the last time Santino and Kozlov teamed together on TV was the July 4th Edition of Raw.

Hopefully this isn't the end of the tag team.


Didn't Big Show Get Hit By a Car?

 Big Show got ran down by a car. His leg apparently got crushed.

What happened to that?!

He came back a few weeks later to face Alberto Del Rio, but just from watching WWE for the past 15 years, I know that someone getting hit by a car means someone is going on vacation.

But that whole car thing just disappeared. And we had to wonder where Alberto Del Rio's personal ring announcer went for those weeks he was gone.

I found it strange.

That's enough for that.


The Nexus Disbanded?

 This was more of a situation where we have to assume that the Nexus is over.

CM Punk cut his whole promo thing, and now we see on Raw that the Nexus thing is done. CM Punk's entrance has no trace of the Nexus.

The WWE Tag Team Champions have no trace of the Nexus (besides the fact they're still together and somehow still champions).

And Mason Ryan is/was hurt.

So does that mean one of the best factions WWE has produced is gone forever?

I guess so.


The Anonymous General Manager of Raw (AKA The Laptop)

 I don't know about everyone else, but I was curious to know who the GM of Raw was.

The little laptop was annoying, but still. They kept it going for so long, and now that Triple H is CEO, I'm guessing there's no GM.

Triple H never addressed the situation.

WWE teased a few times who it might be, even going as far as having an e-mail sound like Stone Cold Steve Austin.

But in the midst of all the CM Punk and Triple H stuff, we lost the GM storyline.

Hopefully Triple H eventually either appoints a GM or reveals the anonymous GM's identity.

Maybe Mick Foley? (Well, that would fall into appointing a new GM and not revealing Foley as the anonymous GM since he was in TNA this whole time).

Thanks for reading. If you remember any more storylines that WWE dropped please feel free to leave a comment on them!