Under-Appreciated Players: Part 2

David CampbellContributor INovember 7, 2008

Part Two of Three

(You can find the first part here)

Sorry for the delay on this one. I've been kinda busy.Anyway, let's get right back into it. Here's the next two most under-appreciated players.

Under-Appreciated Player #3: Ales Hemsky (#83, Edmonton Oilers)

I realize that many people may argue with me on this one. But bare with me, please. This young man has been making some very impressive numbers for being only 25.

He might not be an Alex Ovechkin but he's definitely a star that gets much less credit than he deserves.

His speed, talent, and knack for tape-to-tape passes make him a dangerous offensive player.

Okay, so here are the facts:

  • Scored 71 points last season with 20 goals and 51 assists.
  • Has 72 goals and 204 assists in only 360 games in the NHL.
  • Makes his team-mates look extremely good, which helps detract from his attention.

Under-Appreciated Player #4: Kevin Weekes (#1, New Jersey Devils)

Kevin, being one of the very few black players in the league, is a fairly good goalie. In many cases when he was a starter, he put up very solid appearances.

There isn't much glory for a back-up goalie and knowing that you're behind Marty Brodeur is knowing that you're going to be playing 10 games or less. Not exactly a lot of playing time.

But now with Brodeur out with that bicep surgery, New Jersey will get to see a good goal-tender get his fair share of time.

Okay, so here are the facts:

  • Career Wins are 1 shy of 100, a good milestone.
  • .902 career save percentage, and a 2.89 GAA make him better than many goalies.
  • Has let in only 877 goals on 8,935 shots, pretty good.

Well there you have it, the next two. I'll be back with the final two players in maybe a day or two.