Defensive Woes Hurt Vikings

Andy SmithCorrespondent INovember 6, 2008

    On Sunday when the Minnesota Vikings (4-4) took on the Houston Texans (4-4). The Vikings showed why they are one of the toughest defenses in the NFL. Jarred Allen alone had 2 sacks, 1 forced fumble, and was able to disrupt the fire power of the Texans. The Vikings won that game but came with a price; the price of injury. In the second quarter of the game, the Defensive End was going for Houston's running-back Steve Slaton and was knocked down by Texan guard Mike Brisiel, landing forcefully on to his right shoulder. He would eventually get up on his own two feet and walk to the sidelines holding his right arm. Allen did not play the rest of the game as the defense gave up 14 points in the second half to tighten the game to 28-21. The Vikings did manage to hold onto the win however.

Jarred Allen, though, was the main concern after the game as reporters hounded Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress and he declared that Allen had a "right shoulder sprain and his status for next Sunday is uncertain. We will evaluate that as the week goes on. I'm told there are three levels of it, one being the least and three being the worst." Unfortunately for the Vikings and Jared Allen, it was a level three shoulder sprain and is very serious. The Vikings who have already lost Linebacker E.J. Henderson to a fractured foot as well as Pat and Kevin Williams to suspension, are not happy about more injuries. Especially to their star defensive end who they acquired from the Kansas City Chiefs this off-season. Jarred Allen did practice to some extent, but his status was still uncertain. Coach Childress addressed that Jarred Allan was "slower on the field, and had a hard time moving or keeping up with the guys".

This comes at one of the worst times as the Minnesota Vikings take on border rival the Green Bay Packers Sunday at the Metro-dome. A game that could have playoff intentions tied to it and division life as both teams are (4-4) and looking to stay alive in the payoff hunt. The Vikings understand that this is part of the game. Their two star defensive linemen will more then likely be missing Sunday's game due to league suspensions after they were caught using a type of drug able to cause water reduction for loosing weight. Under the NFL's drug policy this is considered a type of steroid. Both could miss up to 4 games and for the Vikings this is something that is going to hurt. So don't expect to see Jarred Allen playing against Green Bay or the Vikings defense to be in total sink. This could be a tough game for the Vikings on Sunday, but one can only hope that others on the team will step up in their place till they can make their returns.


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