WWE's Tag-Team Division: Can the Usos Lead the Divison to It's Former Glory?

Sexton HardcastleAnalyst IJuly 31, 2011

It's no secret, the WWE's tag team division has been mistreated for the last 3-4 years. it's mostly attributed to Mr. McMahon's belief that there is no more money to be made from a legitimate tag team division.

Sure, they threw together some big tag teams last year to make us think they care, but it's not enough. The division doesn't need single stars teaming together pretending to be a tag team, it needs real tag teams. Teams like The Usos. Every week we witness short tag team matches which seem as if they were placed on the card at the last second. 

The current tag champs from the New Nexus haven't had characters since NXT season 1, over a year ago. One of the biggest problems is the lack of direction and story. It's the same problem afflicting the divas. 

The WWE books matches without a purpose. Without characters or a story the fans simply aren't going to care. Just when it seems like a tag team might have potential, or even lead the division, Creative splits them up, and continues to do nothing with either of them (Hart Dynasty, Slater & Gabriel). 

A few weeks ago the Usos began their own mini-push. The team went from relatively unknowns to SmackDown stars. It started with a best of three series against Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel, which they won.

These matches were great. The Usos displayed the flare and excitement Samoan wrestling typically brings. They even began doing the Haka at the beginning of their entrance, before their hip-hop music starts. It's a pretty cool entrance.

Recently they lost a very short tag title match against David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty. I'm not very concerned about their losses. They've showed their potential as a real tag team.

Given a legitimate run with the tag titles, healthy competition, and a decent storyline, I believe The Usos could bring the quality of tag teams back up to where it should be.

As it stands tag team matches (and for that matter, Divas matches), are wasted on both RAW and SmackDown. It's TV time that could either be used to build a real story and a real division, or at the very least devoted to another storyline.

The Usos have talent, potential, and are getting more popular with the fans every week. The WWE needs to strike while the iron is hot, take this mini-push and make it a legitimate push, and rebuild the tag team division.