The Incredi-Browns Blow Another Game with Defensive Breakdown

Scott GlissonCorrespondent INovember 6, 2008

Unbelievable.  Someone needs to remind the Browns that the object of the game is to win.  Something seems to have been lost in translation and the defense has decided that they no longer enjoy big leads, or winning games.

Brady Quinn had an amazing night.  His stats tonight where better than Anderson's. He threw two touchdown passes to Winslow, he kept the offense moving; the Browns were up by 13 at one point.

And then it happened; the defense quit on the team. 

It started when Brandon McDonald decided he was Superman and leaped at a receiver on the seven-yard line.  He missed, and the receiver ran for a 93-yard touchdown.  That made the score 20-23, still in favor of the Browns.

Winslow then fumbled a ball on the ensuing drive and the Broncos recovered it.  They turned that turnover into another touchdown and took the lead for the first time since the game was 7-0 in the first.

But the Browns were not done yet.  Led by Brady Quinn, they took no time at all moving the ball down the field, and Jamal Lewis ran it in for a one-yard touchdown, putting the Browns up 30-27.

That wasn’t good enough for the Browns' defense, however. They decided to once again give the Broncos the lead. With just under two minutes to go in the game, McDonald (recognize that name?) once again managed to blow a tackle, and the receiver made it into the end zone for a 34-30 Broncos lead.

But here comes Quinn; he was going to save the day.  Joshua Cribbs, who had been stellar up until this point in the game, managed to have a terrible return on a squib kick and gave the Browns their worst field position of the game.

Quinn quickly moved the ball down the field but a misfire on third down left it 4th-and-1 with 50 seconds left on the clock.

Quinn threw to Winslow; the same Winslow who had his first two-touchdown game, the same Winslow who caught 10 passes for 111 yards; and what does Winslow do? He let it slip right through his hands.

Possession Denver.


Great job Quinn and Cribbs.  If anyone should start updating his resume it shouldn’t be Anderson, it should be the defensive coordinator.