Ahmad Bradshaw: New York Giants' Future Star?

CabbageContributor IJanuary 28, 2008

Early in the preseason, I was told by a fellow Giants fan that the third-string running back really looked good.

Since it was the preseason, I wasn't paying much attention to the game, because it didn't seem very important and I was very busy. 

I had not yet seen Bradshaw run yet, but know that it had my attention, and I was concentrated on his playing.

He had noble cuts and exceptional speed, so I was rather happy to see him returning some kicks when the regular season began.

At first, he had a bit of a problem with fumbling. He had fumbled a few times until Tom Coughlin, the coach of the New York Giants, decided it was time to end the dilemma. In practice, the two of them went over ways to fix the problem.

If anybody can remember, this was a lot like what Tiki Barber had to do when he first started. Bradshaw began to remind me more and more of Tiki Barber.

I continued to follow Bradshaw's play while returning kicks, but inevitably, he started to take some hand-offs when the starting back at the time, Brandon Jacobs, was exhausted. His running looked better than ever and his fumbling problem appeared to be fixed. I grew to really like this new back.

One day, I was scrutinizing a Giants game when I saw Jacobs fall to the ground with an obvious injury. I know that some fans were disappointed to possibly lose the starting halfback early in the playoff run, but I saw this as a chance to see Bradshaw play.

They brought him into the game and he immediately looked great. I guess I was seeing exactly what the coaches saw, because after that game they started to use Bradshaw and Jacobs as a one-two punch.

So, Bradshaw was earning himself more carries with the football as his performance was constantly improving. The one-two punch between the two backs seemed ideal because Brandon Jacobs, being as large as he is, would pound the difference and set them up for the speedy Bradshaw.

Personally, I thought this was one of the smartest moves until they began using Jacobs a bit more while Bradshaw was definitely becoming the better halfback. My opinion on who starts would be this: Bradshaw would be their main back and Jacobs would run the short yard situation.

With the speed of Bradshaw, he would be able to break away for the big gains while the power and size of Jacobs would pound through the defensive line for a guaranteed short gain.

Also, it seems that Bradshaw can stay on the field much longer than Jacobs. Not only has Jacobs been down with an injury a few times, (probably from running straight into the defense) but he appears to get tired easier than Bradshaw.

Finally, Bradshaw is younger and there is no doubt in my mind that he will last for a long time with the Giants. These are just three reasons of many that Bradshaw should be the starting halfback for the Giants.

So does this new rookie back have what it takes to be a future star? Keep following him, because as I have shown you in the article he is a good back who seems like he can only improve.