Losing Mike Adamle Is Bad For The WWE

Daris BrownSenior Analyst INovember 6, 2008

As of this past Monday, Mike Adamle has stepped down as the General Manager of Raw. Although sudden, this move has not come as a surprise to anyone. Most fans have been calling for Adamle's head since his first segment, as he stumbled to ga-ga-get the simple lines out of his mouth.

Even with such a negative response from the fans, Vince decided to replace the greatest announce team, with wrestling's greatest disappointment. Despite the fact that Adamle miscalled holds, and even wrestler's names, as a commentator on ECW he was still named the color commentator on the company's flagship show.

And although he did show slight progress, he did not live up to the expectations of someone who was earning the same pay as the company's best commentator (Jim Ross). So how did the WWE handle Adamle's miscues? They promoted him to the leader of the show. And it was the best move ever.

As Raw's GM, Adamle was excused from making some of the slips he had become famous for. He didn't have to worry about mistaking a dropkick for a clothesline. And it was okay if he stumbled through simple sentences. After all, it gave it a more realistic feel. Did it anger the fans? Sure, but what's better way to get heat? It's real and he didn't even have to give anyone a cheap low blow.

Some wrestlers, cough Great Khali cough, would do anything to attract heat. So what's next for the WWE? Will we see a McMahon take over the reins...been there, done that, will fall asleep later. Maybe they'll shift Estrada over from ECW? Eh, okay but it's not really doing anything for me. Or Raw might go GM-less, but that never works.

Raw needs Adamle. I would love to say that you never know what you're missing until it's gone, but that's just not the case in the wrestling world. But there is nothing more Raw than Adamle. He brings a reality that none of the other GMs have.

He's like the NBA's David Stern banning "urban" wear after targeting an urban audience NBA, or Roger Goodell removing the physicality from the NFL. GMs do stupid stuff all the time, and Adamle is the WWE's perfect mistake.

Let's just hope that the WWE is just pulling a fast one on us all, only to bring Adamle back bigger and BADDER than ever.