Creating a Monster in Da Bronx!

Paul VincentContributor INovember 6, 2008

Is it me or is it hot?...oh, yes, that's right, it's MLB hot stove time. I mean, hot stove is, well,...AMAZING! I find myself checking every Web site, and all I get is re-worded articles, but I still love it. My future wife lets me hot stove, but for compensation, I have to watch a few episodes of Real Housewives of Atlanta on DVR.

I have a plan for Yankees GM Brian Cashman.

First: I throw the house at CC (Sabathia).

CC is an American League guy and it will only take a Brandon Webb sinker to make him rethink about wanting to bat. CC guarantees 200-plus innings, 120-plus strikeouts, a low ERA, and a respectable walks/hits per inning. He is the guy you build a staff around.

He sprouted in '07, and with Yankee media, he will be a darling in New York—you know, the way Johan Santana of the Mets was supposed to be over in Flushing, Queens.

He is almost a guaranteed a playoff spot. Yeah, I know we didn't make it in '08, but CC seems to thrive in big-game situations. In New York, he will get those big-game situations.

Imagine CC buzzing Big Papi (David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox) after Jeter gets plunked by a 52 mpg Wakefield fastball! Seriously, CC would look great in pinstripes and the Yankees have an XL size available (remember Mr. David Wells).

Second: Get Tex, get Tex, get Tex.

Mark Teixeira will save runs with his sparkling "D" at first. He's a switch-hitter with power and opposite-field pop. He is young and a good friend of A-Rod's—a Madonna-Sandra Bernhardt double-date could be in his future!

Tex is an East Coaster and has made it know he wants to play closer to home. He's worth the seven-to-eight-year deal that Cashman throws at agent Scott Boras. Cash can convince many agents to take a lesser year deal and throw more money in the mix to make it juicy! Tex will make the Yankees so much more dangerous, and A-Rod will salivate at the pitches he will see.

Last: I am a big Brian Roberts fan.

He's the leadoff guy Yankees manager Joe Girardi craves. He hits, he steals bases, and his "D" is very underrated. He can be had. All Cash has to do is promise Angels owner Steve Angelos that he will be his GM in 2015.

Seriously, Roberts is the leadoff hitter the Yanks need. You drop Johnny Damon to the ninth hole. The possible OPS (on-base plus slugging) for the team—hell, you'd need a slew of sabermatricians to calculate that number. Robinson Cano and either Marquez, Coke or other "Mulenized" (I have dibs on "Mulenized," named after over-hyped Hensley "Bam-Bam" Mulens, Yankees' super prospect) Yankee prospects. Call me crazy, but anything is possible.

Well, as my first article closes, I ask you, the Yankee fan: What is your opinion? I just glanced over some possible moves the Yankees could or should make.

I don't want to let all the magic flow in my first article. I hope you enjoy! Thank you for your time and responses.

As a cancer survivor, I always end my day with a thanks to the sports world, you were part of the rehabilitation process.